09 Mar 2015

Keep Overspending on food

A question about : Keep Overspending on food

Me and OH live together with no children or pets, I tried to set a monthly food shop budget of Ј200 but we constantly exceed this. I notice from looking back it is often about Ј300 per month and it doesn't feel like we've had luxuries.

We both work full time so I have to admit the food shop is mostly done at nearest supermarket for convenience (Sainsburys). Also I'm trying to follow slimming world so buying lots more fruits than usual.

09 Mar 2015

Lidl weekend half price offers 28feb / 1march

A question about : Lidl weekend half price offers 28feb / 1march

Weekend offers for Feb 28th / March 1st
Appears to be 2 different meat offers depending on area

Birchwood Chicken Legs 1kg Ј1.12
Strathvale Lamb Mince 400g Ј1.17

and then common across the whole country :

Deluxe Sticky Toffee Pudding 450g 99p
Deluxe Vegetable Crisps 100g 64p
Loose Kiwi Fruit 12p each

also for the whole week ( Feb 26th -> Wed 4th ) some good looking Bacon,Sausage and general meat offers as part of an XXL week

09 Mar 2015

Organic food in supermarkets

A question about : Organic food in supermarkets

I low carb and went organic in March. My husband doesn't low carb but is enthusiastic about organic. We've been trying lots of things so if you've been wondering whether organic tastes any better here are some reviews.

09 Mar 2015

World Nutella Day

A question about : World Nutella Day

Apparently, it's WorldNutellaDay (according to Twitter)....think I'm going to have to make a Nutella-based bake tonight...

Hello, Nigella's cheesecake...


Also, a 400g pot of nutella is currently on offer at Ј1.50 at Morrisons and Asda...http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/shopp...?query=nutella