09 Mar 2015

Actimal kids yogurts for only 14p

A question about : Actimal kids yogurts for only 14p

Hi, checkout smart have Ј1 off the actimal kids drinky yogurts. There are 3 different varities you can buy and get Ј1 off each. Starting today Tesco are selling them half price for Ј1.14 so each pack would only cost you 14p.

Also, this offer was also on quidco clicksnap but I haven't yet checked if it's still available on there. If so, you could buy 6 packs for only 14p each.

09 Mar 2015

What? No Princes Mackerel Fillets thread?

A question about : What? No Princes Mackerel Fillets thread?

I'm an avid consumer of Princes Mackerel tinned fillets. They contain 3 times the amount of Omega-3 than their own-brand counterpart. The problem is they are quite expensive (around Ј1.40 to Ј1.70 a tin).

Occasionally they are to be found in special promotions at Ј1 a tin for a limited time. I try to catch up on these offers on mysupermarkets.co.uk, but they are a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes smaller stores (Tesco Metro or Sainsbury's Express) don't carry the same offer as their bigger stores.

09 Mar 2015

Farmfoods, more bargains.

A question about : Farmfoods, more bargains.

As well as 2x 1kg bags of sugar for Ј1.50 ,as previously posted, they are now selling the 1kg tub of Kerrymaid Buttery Spread for Ј1.00 and tinned chopped plum tomatoes in natural juice 800g price marked 59p OR 2x tins for only 80p. Grab some quick.

09 Mar 2015

40x 25g Walkers crisps at Asda for Ј4

A question about : 40x 25g Walkers crisps at Asda for Ј4

Saw a big box of 40x 25g bags of Walkers crisps for Ј4 when shopping at Asda last night (Asda The Jewel in Edinburgh).

It was 10x Cheese & Onion, 10x Ready Salted, 10x Salt & Vinegar and 10x Prawn Cocktail.