09 Mar 2015

Home Delivery Questions

A question about : Home Delivery Questions

I am moving house soon and will no longer have the convenience of having a supermarket within walking distance, so I am looking into the possibility of using the home delivery service. If you could answer a couple of questions for me that'd be great, as my searches seem to be throwing up contradictory information. From what I know, there is an Asda, Tesco and Sainbury's within delivery range.

1. I know that products will occasionally be substituted, but do you get charged the difference in price?

09 Mar 2015

Bargain Twinings Green T Bags

A question about : Bargain Twinings Green T Bags

Box of 80 Twinings Green T bags in my local Co-Op for Ј1.10. Bargain!!

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09 Mar 2015

Does this seem reasonable? (Budget)

A question about : Does this seem reasonable? (Budget)

Been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to sign up and join in so here goes nothing... title=Smile

I am trying to lower our food budget as much as possible without compromising on health or taste, for the 2 of us, 1 athlete and 1 with extra calorie needs I have spent Ј45 without meat/fish, expect with to be a max of Ј25-30, though hoping it won't be that high. So around Ј70-80 for one week, just food.

09 Mar 2015

Philidelphia CHOCLATE Spread? Worth Getting?

A question about : Philidelphia CHOCLATE Spread? Worth Getting?

I notice that the full range o Philidelphia soft cheese spreads are being reduced to 84p in Tesco.

This includes the Chocolate one. Is it worth getting? Is it actually cheese or more of a chocloate spread that you can put on toast etc?

Please advise.