09 Mar 2015

converting euro cheque into sterling

A question about : converting euro cheque into sterling

I have been paid in a cheque in euros. The amount is 1400 euros. I will be receiving another euro cheque in 6 months time. It will be for 600 euros. . I am in no hurry for the money. Is it best open a euro account now and withdraw it in euro and convert it on the high street/post office

or if not Could someone please advise me how is the best way to convert these into sterling without paying high bank fees


09 Mar 2015

transferring money abroad

A question about : transferring money abroad

09 Mar 2015

Best way to spend in turkey

A question about : Best way to spend in turkey

Going to oludinez in Turkey early July. Whats the best way to spend or carry money in Turkey. We usually go to France or Spain and i would use my nationwide credit card for all purchases & nationwide debit card for any cash withdrawals needed but these would attract loading in Turkey. I've heard its better to change your money there to. is this right
Thanks for looking
Richard w

09 Mar 2015

Euro cash passport >Santander share holder dividins

A question about : Euro cash passport >Santander share holder dividins

just got a Euro cash passport for holiday spending and just though could I havethe small amount from my Santander scripts paid into this account in euros rather than as at presnt converted into Ј and paid into a UK bank AC ??

could there be any down side to this ??
would value opinions on this