26 Feb 2015

Debenhams has the best exchange rates

A question about : Debenhams has the best exchange rates

Just brought a few Euro's and I found that Debenhams is doing the best rates at the moment, kept an eye on all bureaus for a few weeks. I would recommend that you check their rates as they are better compared to Post office and Marks and Spencer etc.

I got 1.21 to the Ј1!
This is with any amount, no minimum and no commission!

Hope this is useful for those going on holiday

26 Feb 2015


A question about : TorFX

Many users on this board have suggested that there may be links between Crown Currency Exchange Limited and TorFX, another foreign exchange company .

We do not know the extent of any such links or, if they do exist, whether they are anything to be concerned about. However as questions have been raised we have thought carefully about what we can do to look at users concerns.

Therefore we'd like to make two important announcements.

A Senior National Newspaper Journalist to investigate the story

26 Feb 2015

Crown Creditors Meeting

A question about : Crown Creditors Meeting

The story is now live on MSE News.


Back to the original post yesterday.


Hi Folks,
The joint administrators held the creditors meeting today in Birmingham.

Around 60 or 70 victims of the company's collapse braved the snow and many expressed their understandable frustration and anger at the situation.

26 Feb 2015

Crown Currency Exchange investigation published

A question about : Crown Currency Exchange investigation published

Hi folks,

As promised in October, we commissioned an independent report into Crown Currency Exchange’s business dealings by David Kaye of Crawford accountant – read full details of this in our news story: MSE hires insolvency practitioner.

This is now complete, and the final report is available to read. It is in PDF format, so you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat (or similar).

Read Crown Currency Exchange report

Plus you can read all MSE news articles on Crown