26 Feb 2015

When to buy euros?

A question about : When to buy euros?

We are going to France in 2 weeks time and are getting nervous about when to buy the euros. Do we buy now or do we wait until the collapse of the Euro, whens the best time to buy?

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26 Feb 2015

Role of FSA and Barclays

A question about : Role of FSA and Barclays

My currency was to be delivered on 8 Oct.........so Ј4000 lost.
Role of FSA very unclear....what are the substantive differences between ...'registered with...' ; 'authorised' and 'regulated'? Also role of Barclays......especially in relation to apparent delay in taking action.The entire episode reeks of deception.
Any questions being asked in our national representative democratic forum....ie...Parliament ??!!!

26 Feb 2015

Changing Euros back to Pounds

A question about : Changing Euros back to Pounds

I used to work in Germany and I have recently moved back to Britain. However I received my last paycheck just before I left and I had no option but it just bring the money back with me. on 780Ђ Natwest said they'd only give me about Ј630 which I think is a really bad rate. Does anyone know how I can make the most of my money? Is it worth simply saving it until I go on holiday etc however I don't know when that would be. HELP!! xx

26 Feb 2015

Best Travel Money Card for SE Asia

A question about : Best Travel Money Card for SE Asia

I have been reading about the numerous holiday travel cards that you can load up and use as a conventional credit card or at an ATM for withdrawing local currency.

At the moment I can't quite work out what would be the best card overall.

I am travelling to Thailand in 4 weeks time for a single one off trip and just want to avoid getting stung for charges on my HSBC Visa Debit Card and my M&S Money Mastercard credit card.