26 Feb 2015

Charities who collect goods?

A question about : Charities who collect goods?


I am getting ready to move house and so have had a big clearout. I now have about 6 black bags full of clothes, books, videos etc. The problem is, BF is working in Wales at the moment so he has the car most of the time. Does anyone know of any charities who would collect this stuff? I know the British Heart Foundation collect big items like furniture, but what about the ordinary clothes & bric-a-brac?


26 Feb 2015

Disposal of foreign coins

A question about : Disposal of foreign coins

I've been offered several large bags of mixed foreign coin along with a handful of assorted notes. Is there any way I can get these changed? Ideally in the Bristol - Bath - Swindon area or at a London airport, perhaps?

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26 Feb 2015

Letter requesting raffle prizes

A question about : Letter requesting raffle prizes

I'm having a nightmare of a time writing a letter to local businesses requesting either a raffle prize or offering the opportunity to advertise in our school funday programme. Everything I've writen so far comes across as a bit pathetic. Can anyone offer any pointers?

Ideally we're aiming to sell Ј1500 of pre-printed raffle tickets. So the prizes need to be something a bit more than a bottle of wine and a tin of chocs. The committee didn't like the idea of a hamper made up of lots of small donations.

26 Feb 2015

What stalls do you have at your local fete?

A question about : What stalls do you have at your local fete?

I am after ideas for stalls that will raise money with little outlay. Just wondered what stalls/exhibits people have themselves or have seen and enjoyed at fairs. It would be nice to go back to some of the old traditional events from days gone by.
Look forward to your replies.