09 Mar 2015

Raise funds through Cash4Coins

A question about : Raise funds through Cash4Coins

Cash4Coins can help you raise funds for your cause or charity, school, nursery etc.

They buy back foreign currency and send you cash equivalent. Check out their website www.cash4coins.co.uk

09 Mar 2015

Rainbow Child Foundation

A question about : Rainbow Child Foundation

Hi I have been selected as a finalist for Face Of The Globe,
Face Of The Globe support the Charity Rainbow Child Foundation, here is some information about this Charity..
Rainbow Child Foundation is a non-profit organisation that helps underprivileged children all over the world in a variety of ways. The charity was founded by singer Chico Slimani his wife Daniyela Rakic and his brother, actor JC Mac.

09 Mar 2015

Charitable links to raise money FREE (please view and click)

A question about : Charitable links to raise money FREE (please view and click)

To read an introduction and explanation about these sites, read Martin's article Feed the Starving for free.

Charitable links please take time to support all of these worthy causes./

09 Mar 2015

Does anyone know of....

A question about : Does anyone know of....

Does anyone know of a UK company that does cardboard packaging?, basically what it is, is I'm looking for someone to do a 4 x 3 (approximately) piece of cardboard with the charity logo on it and the charity item / product will be in a bag stapled to the card. The founders said they'd want about 10,000 of these cards done and they've asked me to look around for possible companies + prices.
Does anyone know of such companies?
Thanks everyone title=Have