09 Mar 2015

I've funded school in India now want to start charity

A question about : I've funded school in India now want to start charity

Hello all,

I have funded a new school in India, and now pay Ј220 per month to cover electricity, teachers, and rent.

the school has been open for six months and they have just sat their half-year exams (the school year is not the same as in the UK. This is in Madhya Pradesh). I have a stream of photos of happy kids coming through.

This is a huge commitment for me alone. I want to bring in others to help and also do some charity challenges to raise funds...

09 Mar 2015

Some small help?

A question about : Some small help?

Okay so ive been playing with an idea for quite some time and i feel like now is the time to get the ball rolling.

Basically i want to create a charity to help homeless off the street, the service i would offer would hopefully have some kind of building with beds in which a homeless person could come off the streets and sleep somewhere warm and safe.

09 Mar 2015

Tesco food bank collections

A question about : Tesco food bank collections

Tesco are running these again from now till saturday when they will add 30% to what has been donated,i make no points other than

1)help by donating goods if you can
2)don't help if you can't
3)don't help if you can't be arsed/bothered/concerned or you couldn't care less


09 Mar 2015

Charities Board Welcome and The Rules

A question about : Charities Board Welcome and The Rules

Welcome to the MoneySavingExpert Charity Board

The aim of this is to do anything and everything to help charities, so that collectively others can benefit too.

Already by using this site charities are being helped as there's a substantial charities fund. Also do read the 'Charity Giving' and 'Feed The Starving At No Cost To You' articles.