09 Mar 2015

is broadband worth it

A question about : is broadband worth it

i have a bt line which is unused currently but i'm considering getting broadband which would use this line so i'd have to pay line rental plus broadband cost on top.

this also means a contract, direct debit, etc

is there an easier way, such as a payg phone with no contract, just pay when you use it?

09 Mar 2015

Taken phone line but not broadband

A question about : Taken phone line but not broadband


I signed up to the post office before Christmas, when nothing happened I called to discover my order was cancelled due to lack of MAC code (NB they didn't ask me for one)

Re-instated the order with original terms and had an email that change of phone took place on 6th Feb, called them today to find out when I would be getting a router to discover my broadband order had failed

When I asked why I was told they didn't have a reason and it would need to be passed to an investigation dept.

09 Mar 2015

broadband question

A question about : broadband question

I am with virgin at the moment but need to change because of cost.
Do I need a new phone line if i swap providers.

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09 Mar 2015

HomeHub 5 type A drop outs fixed

A question about : HomeHub 5 type A drop outs fixed


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