09 Mar 2015

EE Broadband billing mess (possible mis-selling?

A question about : EE Broadband billing mess (possible mis-selling?


I renewed my contract with EE broadband in July last year. My previous broadband cost was 2.50/month and after much haggling they agreed to charge me 3 pound a month from July on a 12 month contract.

I paid the landline up front and the first bill I received in August was very confusing. It included some pro-rata figure as I'd paid just over 16 quid for July I believe as my contract had gone into a 13th month. Here is how it looked,


09 Mar 2015

Should I stay with Plusnet ?

A question about : Should I stay with Plusnet ?


I am with Plusnet for b/band and phone.

Like the service and company.

My contract is ending next month.

They have phoned me to say they will match any offer from another supplier.

I have previously been with TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky.

Who is the best to go with a the moment ? Price is my primary focus. I know the MSE weekly email sometimes highlights good offers.

Any advice much appreciated.


09 Mar 2015

Sky Fibre Unlimited

A question about : Sky Fibre Unlimited

Hi all

I currently have normal Sky Broadband and achieve a maximum of 4mb download speed therefore potentially looking at upgrading to Sky Fibre which I can get half price (Ј10) for 6 months.

Does anyone have any experience of Sky Fibre? What sort of speed should I expect?

I currently get my BB free of charge so need to justify the extra Ј20 per month.


09 Mar 2015

Talk talk allowed Virgin to take over my line w / out permission

A question about : Talk talk allowed Virgin to take over my line w / out permission

Two months ago I contacted talk talk to take over my broadband, phone and tv. The go live date was 29 December. I received all the kit but had not installed it as the line was not live and I Was travelling from 24 December to 22 January.