26 Feb 2015

Advent Competitions 2014

A question about : Advent Competitions 2014

This is the thread to discuss any issue arising on the Advent Competition thread. It may not be needed much but I'd prefer chat/discussion/arguments to be separate - thanks!

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26 Feb 2015

Comping Guide

A question about : Comping Guide

General message to all compers:

Questions are answered more quickly in the The Compers Chat Corner Board which is a sub board of the Competitions Time Forum.

This thread is best used for alerting compers to new tips/hints - also means I can throw them into the main Guide at the start of this thread if they aren't already in there. Thanks title=Smile

26 Feb 2015

An OMG experiment. Join me ;)

A question about : An OMG experiment. Join me ;)

Now, bear with me while I explain title=Big

I've been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and basically you can get ANYTHING you want by asking the Universe. And I mean ANYTHING. So basically, if you think/wish it, you'll attract it.

Now, this thread will be as if we have ALREADY won (not an I hope to win thread - we already have that here title=ROTFL).

26 Feb 2015

Fb Comps

A question about : Fb Comps

I know that there are threads on here quite frequently, asking about people setting up FB accounts for comps, but I have done the opposite and got rid of all my real people on my proper FB because they don't want to participate in the comps and wondered if any of you lovely people on here would like to be my friend on fb for the comps.. title=Eusa