26 Feb 2015

What's your pet hate about comping?

A question about : What's your pet hate about comping?

I have 2:

1. Captchas where they want them entered in a certain format but don't stipulate it. If they're case sensitive, say so title=Stick

2. Address forms that require all lines to be filled in when your address doesn't have that many lines title=Embarrassment

26 Feb 2015

Am I the first?

A question about : Am I the first?

Yay - want to be the first to post. Did I make it? Thanks loads for this MSE

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Facebook

FB just blocked my account because they say they have had a report that it is not a genuine account title=Frown

It is a genuine account and I don't understand this - they want me to identify some friends from pictures that have been liked and tagged. I have absolutely no idea on some of these. Is there anything I can do please? title=Smile

26 Feb 2015

How you are informed of wins..

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