26 Feb 2015

Which other sites to use?

A question about : Which other sites to use?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this so sorry if the post is in the wrong place!
Just wondering what other good competition sites there are apart from this one.....people who answer 1000+ competitions a week where do you find them all once you've entered the ones on here?!!

Thanks for your help :-)


26 Feb 2015

how often do you get a win?

A question about : how often do you get a win?

every day? every other day? once or twice a week?

or are your wins more spaced out?

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26 Feb 2015

Entering Car competitions question...

A question about : Entering Car competitions question...

I enter all the car comps that are posted , but ......?

If you dont have a full valid drivers license , can you still claim the prize ?

Obviously it wouldnt be driven until test is passed ...

Hope you can help , i would hate to win a car and them turn round and say NO . lol .

26 Feb 2015

Anyone know much about Beamly?

A question about : Anyone know much about Beamly?

I entered a comp yesterday by leaving a couple of comments there, and now I'm getting contacted by a few people opening up a 'chat'. They're contacting via the site, which forwards the messages to me. It's all on topic, and could well be fine and safe, but I've had a bit of a dodgy experience before along these lines, and it's left me not really sure what to take at face value, and what to steer clear of.

Anyone else had good/bad experience with Beamly?


Blu X