26 Feb 2015

Abbreviations on MSE

A question about : Abbreviations on MSE

hi, am always seeing newbies/peeps asking about some of the abbreviations we use on here so thought it might be a good idea to have them in here & perhaps if the question gets asked in other boards peeps can redirect them here, hope that's ok title=Smile

26 Feb 2015

has anyone won itv competitions online ?

A question about : has anyone won itv competitions online ?

just wondered if anyone has won any of the itv competitions online or is it just telephone entries that win ?x

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26 Feb 2015


A question about : PLEASE READ

Welcome to the new forum. The aim is to list all the free competitions that are around, after all if it's free and you win it - then it's good MoneySaving.

Competitions can be found anywhere and everywhere. Online, in shops, magazines on the TV. Providing they're open to everyone (ie not invite only) then do post them here.

26 Feb 2015

Competitions Time End Dates

A question about : Competitions Time End Dates

Hi everyone

Now we have the new sort by end date function on Competitions Time we need you to use the tool to let others know the end-date, rather than in the title, so we can get it working properly and help you all find the competitions you're looking for.

To help we'll be removing the ability to put the end date in titles this afternoon.

We're aware it is a big change to what you're used to but we really do feel this, combined with the end-date function, will help you in your comping.