25 Feb 2015

Mortgage Best Buys Error

A question about : Mortgage Best Buys Error

Apologies if already mentioned:

Mortgage Best Buys - MSE Total Cost Assessment calculates the fees and the repayments per year, but when adding them up it adds the fees as 0, giving a total first year cost of just the repayments, not including the fees.

25 Feb 2015

Home Energy Services

A question about : Home Energy Services

As a vulnerable customer my welcome letter stated 365 days cover and peace of mind but when my boiler failed on Christmas Eve. they told me it would be several days before they could attend. The engineer failed to turn up and to cut a long story short I had to have the repair completed by another company since I was afraid of burst pipes due to a freezing weather conditions.
They are NOT a regulated company and told me they do not pay compensation to their customers. There are loads of complaint issued by other customers.

25 Feb 2015

blank pages, reply function not working.

A question about : blank pages, reply function not working.

The site seems a bit glitchy this morning. When I try to answer a thread and press the submit button the whole page goes blank and does nothing. It's been mentioned over in Discussion Time. I just wondered if anyone here was experiencing the same?

The thanks button doesn't seem to work, either, you just get a blank message popping up!