26 Feb 2015

Advent Calendars 29p in Lidl

A question about : Advent Calendars 29p in Lidl

Reduced from 99p

I don't know if it is a nationwide offer but lots of them left in my local store this morning.

Official MoneySavingExpert insert: We contacted Lidl and it confirmed that Advent calendars have been reduced in store to 29p. Stock is subject to availability, so go quick if you want one.

Thanks to Torbrex for posting.

26 Feb 2015

Free from 3 for 2 tesco

A question about : Free from 3 for 2 tesco

For anyone that has to stick to a special diet or who are catering at Christmas for those with dietary needs, Tesco have 3 for 2 on a wide range of their Free From range, including frozen and Christmas cake.

Still a lot more expensive than not free from , but if you have to have it and you can afford to stock up now is the time to do it. Remember though they will always take off the cheapest item, so try and buy in multiples of 3 which cost about the same to get the best savings..

26 Feb 2015

Palm oil free

A question about : Palm oil free

A selection of palm oil free products:

Biscuits (sweet):

McVities Rich Tea
McVities Hobnobs (plain)

Crackers (savoury):

Has anyone found some good biscuits (both the sweet and the savoury kind) that are palm oil free? And not in the finest/priciest range? I've only found all butter shortbreads lately.
Anyone recommend?

26 Feb 2015

Free range chicken breasts

A question about : Free range chicken breasts

Hi all, new member here, I was wondering if anyone knows the best places to buy free range chicken at reasonable prices online.

I do not have a massive chest freezer but could get a few packs in extra if there are savings to be had.

Thanks in advance