26 Feb 2015

Pound Streacher

A question about : Pound Streacher

Pound Streacher is selling 1kg of tate lyle suger for a mere 49p per bag. My local store says the manager is only allowing customers to purchase six at a time.

There was no sugar on the shelf in the store I visited today, however the manager appeared with nine bags and asked How many I wanted. After being told the price, I asked if I can have all of them, and he agreed.

The cashier informed me a lady came in recently and purchased 30 bags.

I doubt if any shop/store could match/beat this fantastic price.

26 Feb 2015

Lidl 3 Bird Roast

A question about : Lidl 3 Bird Roast

I've bought this for a Christmas lunch I'm hosting on the 28th but I was chatting with someone a few days ago and she didn't rate it at all!
She said she had to cook it for much longer than the time recommended as her meat thermometer was not where she wanted and as a result all the glaze dried off.
So if you have had it, any tips? Or should I buy a chicken as plan b?
Thanks x

26 Feb 2015

Parma ham in supermarkets debunked

A question about : Parma ham in supermarkets debunked

Some of the supermarkets are basically ripping customers off on Parma ham, also labelled as Prosciutto di Parma in some stores.

The real Prosciutto di Parma or Parma ham, is made in the area around Parma, Italy, using nothing but pork legs and sea salt. This means that it doesn't contain nitrates, which makes it a healthier choice for kids. especially.

26 Feb 2015

Organic food? (online)

A question about : Organic food? (online)

Hi. Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent place to get organic food delivered from on-line.

I've used Abel and Cole in the past - but their prices seem pretty steep these days and also the last lot of stuff wasn't the greatest quality to be honest.