09 Mar 2015

Narrow boat hire

A question about : Narrow boat hire


I would like to hire a boat to travel at Leeds/Liverpool canal.

I search the web but there are to many companies and it is difficult to decide which one.

Could you refer any? What do I need to take in account? Fuel?

09 Mar 2015

sun holiday priority code request list.

A question about : sun holiday priority code request list.

Can you add your names here to request a priority code off people not using theres. thanks

1) poolielad

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09 Mar 2015

Merlin Annual Pass Drink Capsules

A question about : Merlin Annual Pass Drink Capsules

Merlin have made some improvements to the annual pass drink capsules by reducing the capsule price and adding a charge PER refill. The capsule is going to be smaller as well.

Net result = a lot of VERY unhappy Merlin Annual Pass Holders:



09 Mar 2015

Finding empty hotel rooms

A question about : Finding empty hotel rooms

I was wondering if anyone has had any success with phoning hotels on the day you would like to check-in to see if they have any empty rooms they would be willing to let out at a reduced rate