09 Mar 2015

Ј15 Mail Holidays

A question about : Ј15 Mail Holidays

09 Mar 2015

can friends use hotel facilities if you are a guest?

A question about : can friends use hotel facilities if you are a guest?

If i'm meeting a friend in their home town how far can they use my room and facilities [with me their the whole time].

There is a swimming pool and steam room, im' only there for 2 nights so I won't have much time to use them if I have to meet my friend, I was thinking to combine both.

Can they come up to my hotel room? How long can they stay with me?

Bit embarrassing to have to call the hotel and ask tbh. title=Embarrassment

09 Mar 2015

West Herts Crematorium at Garston

A question about : West Herts Crematorium at Garston

Sadly have to attend here in a weeks time but its very early service time.
Anyone recommend somewhere near to stay the night before, where dinner and brekky will be available near by?

09 Mar 2015

Hotel Booking Cancellation

A question about : Hotel Booking Cancellation

A disabled friend of mine and his carer attended the Wales v England rugby match in Cardiff this month.

Sleeperz Hotel in the City have adapted rooms for disabled persons.

He saw that they were advertising the Wales/Italy rugby match on 18th March 2016 and at the time decided to book 2 rooms - cost Ј390 in total which was paid in full.

He now wishes to cancel the booking but the hotel has refused citing their booking reservation Details.