26 Feb 2015

A question about : Working Tax Credits

Hello folks,

In my previous job, I worked 37 hours per week and was able to claim Working Tax Credits, which I did.

Got a new Job in April this year, working 25 hours per week (though I usually work more than that) and as soon as I handed my one months notice in to my previous employer, I phoned up HMRC to tell them that I'd got a new job and start in a month and contracted to work 25 hours per week, therefore would not be entitled Working Tax Credits anymore. The man on the phone at HMRC said that was fine and the changes had been made on the system and I'd receive WTC for the next 4 weeks, which I did. For all it was, about Ј4 per week.

Go a letter in the post last week telling me that I owe them Ј53 pounds from an overpayment of tax credits. Phoned them and told them I didn't think I did and I keep everything I send them and all details were correct. It was amended on the system and to ignore the letter. He said I'd receive another letter in the post within the next week - havn't got it yet.

Yesterday morning I received Ј110 in my bank account as 'WORKING TAX CREDITS, thought that was a bit odd as I hadn't received a letter about it. Was intending to phone them today on my day off. However, checked my bank account again this morning and they've paid me a further Ј556! Again, it's showing as WORKING TAX CREDITS.

Phoned them up this morning and explained the full situation, he checked my account and said it's very common for this to happen and that all details are showing as correct and that it was an automatic payment after recalculation. He said it call looks correct on the system.

I'm reluctant to use the money, just in case, but what else can I do as I've contacted them to ask them about it and they've said it's all correct.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I did find it odd that my WTC's reduced by quite a lot about a year after I'd been claiming it, when my working sitation had no changed. So perhaps it's because of that? I really don't know.

Thank in advance for any advice/thoughts.

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