09 Mar 2015

A question about : Venetian Blinds

Driving me abit mad, looked about a fair bit but struggling.

Looking for 5 sets of venetian blinds

- Preferably faux wood would consider wood or faux wood pvc types NOT aluminium.
- 5 blinds needed with (usually standard) child safety features, rod versus cord
- Looking for 1 black, 1 dark brown variation (oak/mahogany/wenge etc.) and 3 of a natural colour (e.g. beech) not white though.

I need somewhere that offers custom measurements or a fit for W 113 to 113.5 recess x H 110 recess

I've looked through eBay and there's some decent choices but the cut down service either never works or is too expensive to consider. I could probably go eBay but I would have to mix and match between 5 different sellers just to get the right colours in right measurements which isn't ideal.

I looked at Ikea, either the website is broken or they only offer one type of venetian which isn't custom

I've tried Dun Elm, Wilson Blinds, Web Blinds, all slightly too expensive to be honest. www.interiordecordirect.co.uk seems good but i'm unsure on safety features. All of these were mentioned and found here by searching but date back to 2013 at the earliest.

Any up-to-date suggestions really appreciated.

Best answers:

  • Just looking through and it seems really limited, only 3 shades of wood grain effect, with the other colours being in aluminium only. Thank you though.
  • Hopefully sorted, sifted through the mass of ebay sellers and found one with everything I needed and excellent feedback (over 100,000) got 6 sets of blinds, custom sizes in 3 different colours for just over Ј100.