09 Mar 2015

A question about : Trial Board

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the new Campaigns Corner board!

This will be a trial board that will be the place for you to post and discuss any campaigns with a MoneySaving theme you think people should be aware of and also voice any problems you face as a consumer.

Some previous campaigns we've highlighted include: Get Safe Online Week plus we've asked you to let the Financial Conduct Authority know your thoughts on the financial services industry and had tons of feedback in our 50 Word Moneyfesto.

In the spirit of the MSE Community, offering any help or tips you may have to others is of course, encouraged.

Our hope would be to get the big industry watchdogs and governing bodies involved to provide help and tips and answer some of your questions, and hopefully find some solutions to the issues you raise.

Best answers:

  • a bit like the speaker's corner clever idea
    hope it was ok to say so if i shouldn't have posted, please feel free to remove it
  • Can we have a campaign to give posters who offer great advice here and are regularly PPR'ed WITHOUT any right of reply?
    What have the mods got to hide - whatever you think it is not your little club.
  • Hello ladies and gentle men. Im new to this, can anyone help me out.