26 Feb 2015

A question about : Travel Hair Dryer worth Ј15

Travel Hair Dryer worth Ј15

It's pink & small

Need 7 of 14 tokens plus a voucher that's in the Sun Newspaper & Fabulous Magazine (Sun Sunday editions)

during the period Sunday 29th April to Saturday 12th May

Cost Ј2.50 - based on 2 x 50p plus 5 x 30p

From May 5th COLLECT from specific TESCO stores (Superstores & Extras)

Details >>> http://www.fabulousmag.co.uk/fabmag/...hairdryer.html

Store List >>> http://www.fabulousmag.co.uk/multime...ib_298593a.pdf


Best answers:

  • Hot-pink, cute and Fabulous, this awesome hairdryer is small enough to slip into your bag, but powerful enough to give your locks a blow-dry worthy of K-Middy herself. To get yours, collect seven tokens out of the 14 we'll be printing each day in Fabulous and The Sun until Saturday May 12. Then take your seven differently numbered tokens, attached to the voucher we'll be printing next week, to any participating Tesco Supermarket or Extra store from May 5.
  • Not buying the Murdoch offerings myself, I'm not 100% certain of the prices, but there are travel hairdryers available for less than a fiver, which I think is roughly how much a fortnight's supply would cost.
  • Thanks for sharing
  • I had a feeling this would be coming I just didn't know when... Not sure if anyone else remembers but this pink travel hairdryer was on a token collect scheme with NOTW in the last couple of NOTW Fabulous magazines.
    When NOTW shut down the last edition printed wording that this offer wasn't going ahead (I am almost certain this should have been the week with the final token)
    I think they have been staring at a mountain of these hairdryers waiting for people to forget to make you collect all over again.
  • Token 1 is on Page 48 of Fabulous
    This hair dryer was to be offered under similar terms from the News Of the World, but that Sleezepaper ceased to be on the 1st weekend of the promotion ......
    ... however, IF you still have the Hair Dryer TOKEN from the JULY 10th 2011 issue, this will count as 1 of the 7 tokens you require.
  • Just drive out of town to Tesco, purely to get hairdryer, only be told that they have been advised that they are not allowed to hand them out as somebody's blew up?!
    Anyone else had problems? I've wasted time and petrol going to Tesco!!
  • I had it in my head that it was tomorrow the first day to pick it up so had planed to set off early and be there first thing. Only realised about 1pm when I got round to reading the paper it was today So quickly drove up to Tesco, when I asked lady said they had been told about 10 mins ago to take them away something about an issue with them!!!!! And they dont know if they will be getting anymore. Wonder what The Sun will do if they will have to recall them all! And if they do will there be a replacement!
  • Hope this helps, noted on Fabulous face book you can send your tokens away to them and they will post the hairdryer out. Details below
    To make it even easier to get your hands on your free Fabulous Travel Hairdryer, simply fill in your details on the coupon provided in tomorrow's Sun and send it with your SEVEN tokens to the address below. We will then post one directly to you. All orders must be received by Friday 18 May, 2012. If you have any questions about this promotion, simply Customer Services on 020 7711 1540 or email custserv@the-sun.co.uk
    Fabulous Hairdryer Promotion
    OCS Worldwide,
    Global House,
    Poyle Road,
    SL3 0AY
  • I got the free hairdryer for my daughter, we used it and after 2 mins sparks flew out of the back, burnt 2 holes in her dressing gown, the burnt holes have what looks like a small spring coil burnt into the dressing gown material, and blew my electrics, these are dam right dangerous, i have emailed the sun and still waiting a reply, i didnt know they had been recalled, when i tried to return to my Tesco they told me to contact the sun,
    Free or not it still should not be dangerous.
  • Anyone hear anything? It did say they would contact everyone with an alternative.
  • Just received this from The Sun today:
    Padded envelope containing 2 Models Own eyeshadows and a booklet of 10 weeks worth of 10p off Sun Newspaper vouchers (Worth Ј7 if you get every day like I do), also thye letter has a weeks worth of FREE Sun Newspaper coupons attached.
    These are being offered as an alternative to the Travel Hairdryer as they are estimating a wait of up to 4 months for stock to be manufactured.
    If you do not accept there is a FREEPOST address to send the package back to(It would fit in a postbox so not a great problem if you do not want to accept).
    I think I will probably accept the offer, will wait and see if my daughter wants the eye shadow when she comes home.
  • posted on praise vent and warnings and now copied here too just in case people missed it :
    Just posting here as today after sending back the horrid eyeshadows and moneyoff coupons to use on the Sun paper and saying I would wait out for the hairdryer(which to be honest was looking like I would never get!!) True to their word today I recieved a Remington travel hairdryer its very nice and has dual voltage too! So THANKS Sun - you keep your word
  • I too held out for a hairdrier and received a Remington travel hairdrier today. Very pleased with this. Thank you to the Sun.
  • ours Blew up and was sent back before the recall and we still have NOT had a replacement or heard a thing from the sun ???