09 Mar 2015

A question about : Starting allll over again!

title=SmileHi guys! I'm back again.
After clearing around Ј20,000 in total I am starting over again. This time however we are clearing a loan which we have took out to extend our home. We reckon doing this will in the long run save us ЈЈЈЈЈ instead of moving. We got a decent interest rate and can overpay unlimited amounts.
So am going to start my journey by trying to overpay the loan, save up for a family holiday and keep bumping up the savings as best I can.
Hope everyone is well! x

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  • a well invested loan and not used for stuff.
    Well done and good luck on the battle to clear a.s.a.p
  • Thanks JD1
    Been trying to sort budgetting for next year. Have moved some of the money into an ISA so at least it's gaining some interest while we are getting sorted. DH is going to look into overpayments when he gets home so we can make a start.
    I have also made a new years resolution to pay off and close my Next bill. Haven't been impressed with their stuff lately and despite once again being given a VIP slot only one of my 20 items was in stock grrrr. At least it's money saved.
    My other NYR is too meal plan better which I will start making a list for tonight
    We have had a really lovely christmas now chilling and watching a film today
  • May I ask a question please, so how did you manage to clear the 20k debt (stupid question I know, but I mean did you cut down on shopping bills? What was sacrificed? How long did it take?) thank you.
    H x
  • Good luck my love, i know you will do it!!
    Your an inspiration, you done so well with your last journey x
  • Hi!!! SJ- thanks - but couldn't have done it without this site and support of others
    Well have been at work all day booo, but managed to get a few jobs done. Cleaned the kitchen cupboards and have about 6 sacks of carp to get rid of.
    Mopped kitchen floor and 2 loads of washing done.
    Have a small pile of ironing which I may finish tomorrow pl before we start evening activities. (Always such a rush)
    Need to also think of a quick filling meal I can do after swimming before I pop out again?
    Next payment has gone through so will pay remainder next month. I also need to update my sig as I owe less than that.
    Hope everyone has had a good day x
  • Morning all - balance on Next card Ј300. Half to be paid this and half next month - then to be closed down
    Was hoping for a snow day today - no such luck and off to work boooooo!
    Feeling tired and grumpy
  • Ooh eeking nearer to payday and then bye bye to the Next bill
    Have managed to sell some of DD's old clothes so a few pounds in the pot. Waiting for Sainsbugs statement through and all detail which will show me how to start with the overpayments.
    Am managing to get the house sorted but will have to pay out lots the next few months after the building work to get it decorated etc. Therefore we are going to miss our holiday this year to instead focus on the house.
    Am happy to do this tho as not moving has saved us thousands
  • Hi there, just thought I ought to mention the Argos gift card offer ( 2xЈ10 for Ј15, 2x20 for Ј30, I think) I mentioned this to my daughter who bought Ј200's worth for Ј150 and used them online to pay off her next bill - saving her Ј50.
    You are really doing well!
  • Hey Lesley - thanks for that something I will def look into.
    Well have just checked bank accounts and slightly into the overdrafts so will budget these in for pay day. I am so cross with myself and have completely overspent on the food budget this month I really need to stop popping to sainsbugs cause everytime I go I spend about Ј50 grrr. It's a bad habit I must work on. So have made a list for the month and am currently hunting down any vouchers I can find. I already have a Ј4 off Ј40 spend, and I am only going to visit at the start if the month and also go to Mr A's for the rest.
    If I need any extras my kind mum said she would get them for me to save temptation.
    I am planning on revisiting the Old style board for further food ideas. We are out most night and by the time we get in the kids are starving so may break out the slow cooker, and have another go. I would love to do a basic cooking course but at the moment simply do not have time.
    Have changed my hours with regards to tax credits and ask them about the universal credit which they do not seem to know anything about. I also tried the calculator but it doesnt tell me if we will be entitled to anything so as our wages were good this year I am going to assume we won't get anything.
    Have had a good sort out and have some bits for ebay, which I must get around to listing.
    Hope everyone is well x
  • Well really struggling in controlling my spending at the mo. I keep buying clothes for everyone - I can't resist a bargain. I spent Ј30 in Sainbugs today, Ј50 in m warehouse and another Ј60 in Next eeek am sooo cross with myself!
    Anyway I am going to have to decide what to do regarding this - maybe only taking cash and no cards? Any ideas?
    Loan stands at Ј14500 but we already Ј450 over budget with the work so more money to find. I think i need to sit down and go over all in goings and outgoing - and I think we will knock next years abroad plans on the head and stay in this country.
    I have to save for a kitchen yet also - eek am feeling very overwhelmed now.
    House upside down due to work going on so not much housework achieveable really - good excuse eh? x
  • Have redone budget and am going to not spend any money on clothes unless absolutely necessary.
    DH has extra hours at work which should help and we are def not going abroad next year which will help save some pennies!
    Lots of food to use up this month so will only need some freezer and frozen bits for next month.
    Have managed to get kids to finish most of homework and have caught up on washing.
  • Hi pinky, followed your last diary and thought you did really well, so good luck with your new one.
  • Haven't been on for a while but need to really refocus and look at finances which have gone out of control - We have spent Ј3000 of our savings owe parents 1850 on kitchen and have a whopping Ј3000 on our credit cards
    This is merely due to everything from plastic fittings, to plaster boards etc costing sooooo much more than expected. So the plan is now - move all credit cards to 0% and pay more than minimum. Keep paying parents Ј150 per month. I have asked for overtime as has DH.
    I feel so worried again - I have gone from having no debt and a little put by to nothing and it is terrifying me. We are no longer entitled to any tax credits which is good so we don't need to worry about wages paying back etc.
    We do have other areas we could if we had to cut back on but right at the moment I would like to trim where we can and see how we can get on, otherwise I may have to think again. Hope everyone is ok x
  • Hi Pinky
    I totally agree with building costs costing more than you budgeted for. We had a kitchen/family room extension last year and the costs mounted up after the builder had finished on "little things" not nice things but necessary items such as skirting board etc!
    On a positive note though you can see where the money has been spent and will enjoy the results for a long time to come.
    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks choogirl - it is worth it as we have gained sooo much space and an additional bathroom and DH reckons it would have cost Ј100000 on top of our equity for something bigger so we know we have saved money. I think its after all the work getting rid of debt and now I am very conscious of having it back again.
    Anyway have redone the budget for the next few months, added what we owe all together.
    I have sorted out some bits to try and sell and asked my boss for any extra hours available. So am feeling a little more positive
  • Busy busy busy today - really does feel like I haven't stopped I am just having ten mins on here before I send DD1 off to bed and can then have control of the tv.
    Have sorted the budget out for the next couple of months - which looks a lot but once everything is paid off again that should release around Ј400 - which is a good figure to look forward too. Once I have paid bank of mum and dad back then will start chipping away at the loan - (feeling determined). Have sorted lots of old clothes out and managed to list a few for sale - every penny counts and all that. Have started a little savings bottle, kids love this and keep finding money all over to help contribute (shame its not of the paper variety)
    Some overtime this week - I should clear both overdrafts this month - we have gone over needing bits for building work - so reeling that back and sorting it out now.
    Keeping my eye on meal planner also - but am managing to keep that on target at the mo.
    Going to try and set up a mini savings account for xmas and birthdays as I always feel I run short at these times - so this should help bear the costs slightly.
    The kids never seem to stop growing so I really need to budget for new shoes and bags for end of aug ready for school in sept - as well as new t-shirts and some trousers as come the end of the year they are always wrecked. x