09 Mar 2015

A question about : Sky Tv....PPI?

Hello there!

For many many years, I was a sky TV customer. I seem to recall that, on each of my monthly bills, there was a small 'insurance' element to it. Nothing much 1 or 2 quid a month if I recall.

Unfortuately, I dont remember whether this was some kind of 'equipment' insurance, or some kind of payment protection insurance (ie. making sure I could still whatch the footy even if my house was reposessed etc).

Either way, I have no recollection of asking for it, and it's certainly not the sort of thing I would have knowningly purchased, so it's possible that they could have mis-sold it to me at some stage.

Sky and myself have since parted company, and have been apart for about 2 years now. Although we are not talking about a fortune in any terms, I'm loathe to let them escape with my cash, if indeed they mis-sold me somthing.

1. Anyone else have recollections of sky adding 'insurance' to your tv bill?
2. Anyone had a pop at claiming it back? If no-one has, happy to be the guniea pig. I quite enjoy irritating large companies, contary to the perceived wisdom, I seem to be getting more left wing as I get older.



Best answers:

  • It was not PPI.
  • Hiya.
    Sent Sky a speculative email....this is what they say.....the words payment protection are certainly used......
    On the plus side, they replied v quickly.....
    Customer Account Number: ****************
    I understand that you are enquiring about the details of insurance that you paid with your Sky monthly subscription.
    I have checked your Sky Account and see that you were paying for the Sky Payment Protection Plan which is included with your monthly bills. I request you to contact our Sky Protect Team at 08444810222 to know more details about the Sky Protection Plan.
    I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any further assistance, you can reply to my email.
    Kind regards
    Sky Help Centre
  • PPI was a product sold to cover loan or credit card payments if you were unable to make them for any reason. A sky deal is not PPI - if you were unable to pay the bill they would simply cut you off and take the kit back and then pursue you for any breach of contract. If you are paying for something that you don't want, ring the company and ask if you can not pay for it
  • Hi, thanks for the reply.
    I'm not seeing a bunch of difference here. Depending on what I find out about this, they've included a 'payment protection plan' on my account that I was unaware of. It may have cost me Ј100's over the lifetime of my contract with them. I'm not paying them anymore : cancelled the whle shebang a couple of years ago. That still leaves them with my money, that I have no recollection of giving them permission to take. That being the case, surely they should refund?
  • But as you recall it on your bills you did know about it at the time and either chose not to question it or are changing your view for some free money.
    Blame yourself for not questioning it at the time by all means...