09 Mar 2015

A question about : Secure trust bank IVA

I am in an IVA and have a bank account with secure trust bank where I pay Ј2.90 per week in charges. There are points rewards etc but only in places where unfortunately I do not shop. I feel ripped off by this as been with this bank for over 12 months. I have asked them advice but very limited and they don't seem bothered. I Have tried applying for high street bank accounts but they say no. Can anyone suggest any banks online or otherwise where I won't get charged. Seems very unfair that when people end up in debt they are still being ripped off



Best answers:

  • I fell into the same trap with Secure Trust Bank, they were almost recommended by DFD. I am with co-op who were IVA friendly when I opened my account in 2012 (not sure if they still are). You also get a debit card with the cashminder account which is very helpful. Barclays also have an IVA friendly account but as they were one of my creditors I avoided them. Hope this helps.
  • Barclays opened a basic account with debit card for my ex OH who was BR and owed Barclays in BR so might be worth trying them anyway but make sure you do ask for a basic account otherwise the advisor will put you through for a normal account which will be rejected. It had no online or telephone banking if I recall but that wasn't a major problem at the time. It was just nice for him to have a sensible account.
  • Ring 08457 212 212 and ask the Co-Op to open you a Cashminder account. Best account of its kind by a mile in my opinion.