09 Mar 2015

A question about : Private Parking Charges

On the 8th November 2014 Vinci Park Car Park Services UK Ltd gave me a ticket for parking on private land. I should not have parked there. The price of the ticket (which is not a fine!) is Ј100. I waited for the Notice to Keeper to come through, this arrived dated 15th December 2014. My dispute letter was sent 2nd January 2015. Vinci rejected my dispute on 20th January 2015 saying I did not appeal within 28 days and it’s now with a debt recovery agent. I disputed in just 18 days from NTK.

As I had disputed within my 28 days from letter to keeper I contacted the BPA. During the month a half I waited for the BPA to sort this out my company received many harassing letters from debt recovery agents ZZPS (as the offence was in my company car).

BPA replied saying I did appeal with 28 days, they have raised this with the operator, the operator have now sent a formal response. The operator has rejected your appeal you must now go to POPLA. You have 28 days from date of letter to do so. Please see operator response attached. I can see the Operators response (sent today) is dated over 20 days ago, I now have a handful of days remaining.

I’m annoyed Vinci have already breached their code of practice yet they are still going for the ticket. I will appeal to POPLA today now that I have my code. Finally!

I think my best chance for appeal is “No Genuine Pre Estimate of Loss”, but I will include as many valid points as I can without just throwing everything at them. I’ve read lots of information on various threads and parking cowboy’s site. I am yet to find the perfect template letter on the how to win POPLA thread or elsewhere.

Can anyone recommend a template for this situation? Shall I mention the unlawful harassment from debt recovery agent?

Thanks in advanced

Best answers:

  • have a look through this thread
    #3 I think ........
    pick a template and modify it to your requirements.
    You can post it up here to be checked if you wish .....
    TBH you will be wasting your time complaining about the debt crawlers ...
  • also complain back to the BPA (steve clark) that the PPC has not given you the full 28 days for the popla appeal, give him the popla code so he can check it and hopefully they will be sanctioned twice plus he may give you leave to extend the deadline (or have a new popla code issued)
    also include the paperwork from the debt collectors as thats against BPA rules roo
    meanwhile , just sort through the links from post #3 of the newbies thread for a reasonable popla appeal
    you can also put search words like vinci popla appeal etc into the forum search box to see if you can find ones similar or on the same car park
  • They did exactly the same with me. Notice to keeper sent late!!! Then pursued by ZZPS while still in appeal time. Refused a POPLA code. Then a solicitor's letter even though BPA appeal still on-going.
    Vinci have employed the services of PCN Admin and ZZPS - look at the history of the people involved in these organisations and you will find out what they are.
  • You should phone POPLA direct and request an extension to your 28 days deadline due to the late arrival of your POPLA code.
  • If I put my case into POPLA today do I need that extension?
    1. How should I extend it? Contact POPLA and BPA?
    2. Shall I proceed with my case on current code regardless?
  • You have 28 days to appeal to POPLA from the day you receive the code. If you need more time, then contact POPLA and explain that your code arrived 20 days late. Don't waste time with the BPA because they won't help you.
  • you contact the BPA in order to report all the breaches, not for help
    you should still deal with the popla code expiry date as a valid date UNLESS popla or the BPA give you the extension. it is paramount that you do not miss this deadline , nothing else is as time critical
    so you do all I said, which is why I said it
  • P.S. Should I be providing a copy of all correspondents to POPLA to support my case?
  • no , only provide evidence of anything you are using in your defence
    the PPC will provide popla with the paperwork (they will also send it to you too)
    a quick skim read shows you havent checked it for errors, namely, the first one I spotted is more than one PPC
    this is VINCI, so not CPP
    proof read it please , then expect people to check it at the end

    also add a section on signage too
  • Remind them the current DVLA policy (2006 but still valid) is: