09 Mar 2015

A question about : Prescription charges


Health Minister Jim Wells has proposed the reintroduction of prescription charges to pay for a new specialist drugs fund in Northern Ireland.

The amount that would be charged and any exemptions are to be decided during a three-month consultation.

Best answers:

  • Flat fee for EVERYONE....... say 50p or Ј1.00
    Might make people think twice about going to the doctors for a prescription for Paracetamol when you can buy it for 25p in Tesco...
    I've seen people get various everyday things on prescription... Sudocreme for nappy rash, Paracetamol, Optrex (basic stuff not the antibiotic stuff)......
    Prescriptions should be for exactly that..... Prescribed Drugs....... not something you can buy in a local shop or supermarket....
  • I remember reading on my twitter feed a few years back a girl I worked with as a student complaining, I mean really going mad, about a young doctor refusing to prescribe calpol. The doctor argued the child didn't need it, the parent insisted she did. The doctor suggested buying it if she was so sure. The number of people on the twitter feed questioning the doctor's credentials was shocking. The abuse, you're entitled, sure it costs nothing...
    Ј1.00 or 50p flat charge, no exemptions, no expensive administration is a great idea. Granted it'll only raise around 20 million with 350 million spent on drugs, but it's fair.
    Hopefully stop the entitled thinking they know best.
    I can also see this as another tiny step towards water charges.
  • I always thought it was a mad decision to withdraw the charges. As previous posts have said it is greatly abused. Why is the common culture we are "entitled" to it. Is it any wonder the country is in the state its in.
  • I get Paracetamol on prescription because I have chronic pain and I take 8 a day. I can only buy two packs of 16 paracetamol at the chemist which means I am having to pick them up every couple of days which when you have chronic pain is a nightmare. My GP prescribes me a months worth of paracetamol saving me all the journeys I would have to make within the month.
  • It's my understanding that they're proposing to reintroduce these charges to offset the cost of more expensive drugs not covered by NICE. I'm 100% fine with that.....assuming that is actually what the money will be used for. I've a sneaking suspicion this is just another tax though.
  • they must be getting away with it as often buy 3 packs from poundland!!
  • I use four different types of prescription drugs every day but I would welcome a flat fee also.I need to attend the doctors surgery regularly and whilst not saying it applies to every case I am always surprised at the number of people who walk slowly into the doctors (men women and kids) with head bowed yet five minutes after seeing the doctor come (sometimes literally) running out the door with a prescription in hand as if the visit ittself was the cure....