09 Mar 2015

A question about : Ploughing Through The Pins Challenge

OK as well as running and continuing the stash busting challenge on the forum crafting board for 2015 (feel free to join us if you would like title=Smile ) I have decided to start a new crafty challenge for 2015 (but have to post it now before I forget!!) title=Smile

I'm sure I am not the only crafter who wastes hours upon hours each week browsing, lusting over and pinning a whole host of crafty ideas from that lovely but oh so distracting Pinterest site thinking that one day I will make ALL of them title=Smile

2015 is going to be the year where I make more things than I pin (or that's the plan anyway!!!)

If you are like me and spend ages pinning away (why do they make it sooo easy) then why not join me for this crafty challenge in 2015. title=Smile Even if you don't fancy joining please show your support as I get far too easily distracted if not (and not just by Pinterest!!

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  • OK well today is the day I start my Pinterest challenge.
    I have just gone through all my boards and found that as of today I have the grand total of 3766 pins. These are spread over several boards in an unorganised manner (and I probably have several identical pins on different boards!) so my first task in this challenge is to sort through all my pins and pin in a much more logical manner. I was thinking of pinning by materials such as paper, card, felt, fabric, wool etc and then also having larger categories such as scrapbooking, cards, PL etc to catch what does not fall into categories.
    How does everyone else organise their pins?
  • I love the idea of this, however I fear my family would be abandoned if I tried to make everything I want to on Pinterest! That site is just too tempting on my time!
    But I will read this with interest, maybe join next year when my sidekick is at school
  • Hello
    I have lapsed on the last thread so pleased you have started a new one.
    determined to do better this year..... No more buying things.
    Have not got many pins but I have lots of torn magazine pages.
    So I'm starting with 12 balls of wool which I've knitted into three scarves.
  • I'm terrible for pinning things and never going back to actually do anything about them! I'd like to join please!
    I did actually make a couple of Pinspired (teehee) projects last year and was really pleased with them so if I can make just 4 things (one a season!) I'll be happy! Like you, my first job is to organise my board as it's a big jumble. I love your idea of splitting things into materials, think I'll do that as 'Things to Make' is just too broad!
  • Evening, all!
    I've actually just used one of my pins as the basis for several cards, one for me and two for a friend to use -yay!
    I'm now off to finish taking in a skirt, using a tip I found on UTube (not sure if that counts, though?! Still, I'm well-chuffed anyway!)
    Good luck to everyone taking part!
    Wilson x