09 Mar 2015

A question about : please help


I need some advice on PPI.

A few months ago I applied to my bank for PPI myself using a form I downloaded from the internet and was refused it, even although I was genuinely mis-sold it. When I got this letter I just left it as I wasn't sure what to dofrom there.

This month a PPI company called me and I thought I might be able to get some of it by using them, so I signed up.

Then a few day after filling in there forms the bank sent me a letter saying that after further review they had now decided to pay me back and a few days later they sent me a cheque.

Now I don't know if I have to pay the PPI company as they havent completed any process but they have started to try and reclaim it.

My feeling is the bank got a sniff of a PPi company requesting my details and decided it better to send me a cheque rather than giving a bit more to a PPI company.
The PPi company are now phoning me 10 times a day and I recived an email saying they need some more paperwork to continue.

I obviously would rather not pay them anything but legally don't know where I stand.

Any help appreciated

Best answers:

  • What did you sign? if it was giving them permission to try to get mis sold PI back then you have to pay.
    What paperwork do they require?.
  • Have you signed up to anything that says what happens if you no longer wish to pursue the claim?
    How long ago was it- you may have a 14 day cooling off period.
  • The initial claim I put in was October 2012, then about 2 weeks ago I signed a claim pack the PPI company sent me, and they have sent me an email saying they have done a history check,
    This showed ive had 2 loans, one with no PPI and one with it.
    So they've made an enquiry to the bank for my financial history. But the day before I got the email from them I recived the letter from the bank which said I was getting a payment after a review process theyd carried out, then 2 days later (Wednesday this week) I got the cheque from them.
    In the email from the PPi company which showed the 2 loans id had, they asked me to provide 2 more letters about the loans and have told me they've sent me out a letter for me to sign in order to make the claim.
    So I think they have made the initial enquiry but have not put in the actual claim yet??
    When you win through a company do you get the cheque and then pay the company or do the company get the cheque and then they pay you?
    any more advice??
    Thanks for the replies.
  • It depends on the bank but usually they will pay you directly (setting off if you are in arrears) and then let you sort out what you owe the CMC if anything.
    Like I said it sounds like all the CMC have done so far is to ask whether you have actually had PPI (I assume you probably didn't tell them that you had already had a complaint rejected?). In the meantime the bank have proactively reviewed your previous complaint and changed their decision.
    Like I said bank the cheque, tell the CMC their services are no longer required and if they try to ask you for payment just show them the letter which states the bank reviewed your previous complaint off their own back.
  • Actually, it sounds like they have already signd a contract with them.