09 Mar 2015

A question about : PLEASE HELP

So here's what happened
I travelled down to Nottingham on the night before and stayed over, I got up at 5am and I was checked in the airport for 6am. I was sat in a coffee shop waiting for the announcement that the gate was open and that we we could board.

Ryanair made no announcements and then allowed the plane to take off early.

At half past I got very worried and I went down to the gate. I was waiting 15 minutes and it was 15 minutes until take off so I asked someone This is the plane to Berlin right? and he told me, The plane left half an hour early and had already depart. Ryanair had left a few of us stood in the airport.

So Obviously I start freaking out, I went to the ryanair desk and told them how they had left early and left me behind, they told me that if I wanted to go to Berlin I would have to pay Ј100 and then take a train to London. I started crying and they asked me to go away very rudely.

I phoned up their customer service who refused to let me speak to a manager and then refused to give me her name. Then to top it off she hung up on me.

I wrote to Ryanair and told them I wanted my money back and then they decided to block me.

So I started making public tweets and they unblocked me. They posted on twitter that they were talking to me, but actually they are still ignoring me

What do I do? I just want my money back

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  • Doesn't sound good, but many airlines don't make any announcements about departures. With airports being so busy they'd be on the tannoy every 30 seconds. Some do make announcements, but it's not necessarily for every flight. It's your responsibility to be at the gate 30mins before departure (I believe for RyanAir), not somewhere having coffee waiting for an announcement.
    What did the departure boards say ? Was there no gate given ? How did only a few passengers miss the flight and not everyone ?
    I can't see you getting money back sadly.
  • Why did you mention Easyjet or is this a typo?
  • the gate closure time would have been on your boarding card. From the website this states 30 minutes before departure time meaning if you turn up at the gate late they could deny you boarding although it does say boarding closes 20 minutes before departure
    If you were at the gate before gate closing time and they denied you boarding then you are due compensation, if not then you are a no-show and forfeit your ticket
    What was the date of the flight? - flightstats will be able to confirm what time the flight left...but they could leave any time after gate closure time as everybody who was at the gate on time would have boarded
  • I dont understand why though, if I had checked in with my stuff. The airport was midlands. I travel on planes 4 times a month and I've always had announcements when the gates open or if they take off early. I'm dyslexic so I rely heavily on announcements and that is how I have travelled for the last 4 years. How can a plane take off and leave 5 of us in the airport?
    And sorry it was ryanair, im very stressed. My friend travelled 18 hours on a bus from ukraine and now its very stressful because she is in berlin
  • Why not just go to the gate in the first place ?
    I always get to the gate at least 45 minutes before take off.
  • I don't believe for a second that the plane left 30 minutes early. The gate may have closed 30 minutes before scheduled departure but this would have been made clear on your boarding pass
  • From what the OP has said suspect its FR1638 with a scheduled departure of 07.45am.My son flies this route most weeks with Ryanair.
    As others have said in line with all the aiports I have used in recent years there are no announcements at EMA.
    If the OP did as he says and rolled up at the gate at 7.30am the gate would definitely have closed and boarding denied.
    The OP claims to be a "frequent flyer" so surely he must know the ropes by now.
  • I went back all the way to the beginning of January and that flight hasn't left on time once, let alone 30 mins early!
    Ryanair seem to be 100% blameless (which is exactly what I expected from the title!). While the tone seems a bit off given the OP clearly struggles with the airport experience (though how that reconciles with them flying weekly I have no idea!), they are completely right.
  • I'm no expert on dyslexia but how can the OP expect to read the responses on here if they're unable to read a flight departure board ?
    And if the OP is one of five people travelling why did they ALL rely on airport announcements without checking the departures board.
    There's also something fishy about a poster who mistakes Easyjet for Ryanair in a post, amends the original post but declines several times to answer a simple request for a date of travel.
  • this is utter poop!
    ive worked in airports for the past 12 years and traveled a lot too and i have never seen a plane leave early, with the exception of private aircraft of course.
    they have slots and they cant chose to push back when they feel like it and take off willy nilly.
    if the op was so dyslexic they couldn't read a flight board what chance were they gonna have finding the correct gate for their flight.