26 Feb 2015

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Sign up to www.pigsback.com and collect piggypoints to earn free gifts including vouchers, CDs and squeezy pigs!

Lots of useful hints and tips below. title=Smile

Pigsback Beginners Guide

I hope this will help newbies (and maybe some notso newbies) to Pigsback.

Clickthroughs - Look out for adverts on your home page with a border underneath which says earn 5 Piggypoints (example below). These can appear any day during the week (not weekends or Bank Holidays). Click on one, then click to go back to the Home page. Then click on the next clickthrough and repeat. If you don't see any on your Home page refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard (you may have to do this quite a few times). You should find this way that you will be credited with quite a few Piggypoints as the week goes along. You do not have to find the clickthroughs on the first day they are posted, they will stay on the site for at least a week (not sure if it's 2) and so if you go away for a few days you shouldn't miss any, they will be there when you next go on Pigsback. Keep an eye on this thread and people will post when new clickthroughs appear. You must click on the advert panel on Pigsback to be credited the points, clicking on the links provided on MSE will not credit the points.
To maximise the number of clickthroughs on your home page, you will need to have all categories of interest selected. To do this click on My Account, then click on My Categories and click on the box next to Select all categories. Finally click on Update my categories. This ensures that all available clickthrough/advertising panels will appear on your home page.

Quizzes and Competitions - There are daily quizzes and also competitions to enter which are posted in post #2 and also in this thread.

Something for nothing - can't complain.

Registering for Third Party Offers for Piggypoints - It has been suggested that all members keep a list of offers signed up for which give piggypoints. You should also keep all confirmation emails at least until you have received your points. Then you will have a record to forward to Pigsback if you don't receive your points. Also be patient and take a note of how long it should be before you receive your points, ie 28 days = 28 WORKING days and then perhaps wait until the following Friday when most points are added.

Buying Through Pigsback - If you are a really good Piggy and buy something through the site you also get credited with Piggypoints. Good ones include CDWow (10 points per Ј1 spent), if you use your Pigsback CDWow reward vouchers there is a possibility that you can get points as well - points for spending points!!

Checking Your Balance - Click on your Home page if you want to check your balance or click on My Piggybank on the right hand side to check in more detail.

Rewards - Please be patient if you are a new member, you will not be able to claim a reward until you have been a member for 10 days. When you have enough Piggypoints for a reward, click on Rewards at the top of the page, you may then have to enter your password. Select your reward by clicking the arrow up above the appropriate box until you have entered the quantity of the reward you want. Click on Select Items. Click on View: My Selections and then click on Order Selected Items. Fill in your personal details if requested, ie address etc. If it is the first time you have ordered a reward (this does not apply if you have ordered a reward before), you will be asked to validate your account by giving a mobile phone number, this must be a mobile phone number not used before to validate a Pigsback account. This is Pigsback's method of making sure that there is only one account per individual and not several accounts owned by one individual. When you have entered your phone number and clicked on Submit or Enter leave the page open until you receive a text from Pigsback with the validation code. When you have the code enter it in the appropriate place and click on Submit or Enter. Do not make the mistake of closing down Pigsback or moving on to a different page before validating or you will lose the opportunity of entering the validation code and I believe you will then have to start the whole rewards process again.

CDWow Vouchers - These are in the form of evouchers and will be sent to you by email a few days after ordering. If you do not receive an email or delete/lose it, go into the Rewards section of Pigsback and click on Collect Rewards on the left hand side. You will then be able to take a note of your CDWow Voucher code. CDWow Vouchers can be used as entire payment or part payment for an item from CDWow. If you use the voucher to pay for an item and it is not to the full value of the voucher, then your voucher code can be used again for another item to the value of whatever is left, eg item cost = Ј5, voucher value = Ј8.75, value left to spend later = Ј3.75, so don't discard the voucher code if you still have some credit left on it. CDWow Vouchers can be used on all parts of CDWow including WowWoman, Gadgets etc


General Questions

How do I contact Pigsback?

Email address; postmaster@pigsback.com
Email queries should be answered within 1 working day.

Phone Number: 0207 287 2408

How long does it usually take to receive points?
It depends on the retailer / sign up offer. It can be anywhere from 24 hours to a month. If you go to the retailer / sign up page on Pigsback there should be a list of Terms and Conditions at the bottom, which will tell you how long it will take for your Piggy Points to be credited. Also, when it states 14 day, for example, in the Term and Conditions, that normally mean 14 working days.

Is it possible to open more than one account per address?
Yes, everyone in a household can have their own Pigsback account as long as they have their own email address, mobile phone number and are over 15, but you can't / shouldn't open more than one account per person.
Also, each person is supposed to do their own clicks - accounts have been suspended before when patterns of clicking have indicated one person doing everybodies.

I can't log in to Pigsback. What should I do?
If more than one person in your house uses Pigsback the first thing to do is to clear your cookies then try logging in again and see if it works.
If you are still not able to log in, Pigsback may have suspended your accounts. They do this if they think one person has multiple accounts. To get your account, and any others in your household reinstated you need to contact Pigsback, and they will ask for proof of ID of everyone in the household who has an account.

How do I delete my cookies?
Intructions for Microsoft Windows 98 and later
Quit Internet Explorer and quit any instances of Windows Explorer.
In Control Panel , double-click Internet Options.
On the General tab, click Delete Cookies under Temporary Internet Files, and then click OK.
Click OK.
Instructions for Firefox
Open the Tools menu.
Select Options.
Select the Privacy to open sub-menu.
Click the View cookies item.
Select one or more cookies you want to remove and click Remove Cookie. Clicking Remove All Cookies will delete all cookies.
How do I take a screenshot?
1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It may be labelled [PrtScn].
2. Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint.
3. Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste.
4. If prompted to enlarge the image, choose Yes.
5. Go to the File Menu and choose Save As.
6. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.
7. Type a file name for the image.
8. Select a file type.
9. Click the Save button.

Why should I take screen shots?
Sometimes Pigsback fail to credit Piggy Points that are due, either for a sign up or for a shop and earn transaction. If this happens Pigsback will normally manually adjust the points for you so you don't lose out, but they will ask for proof that you signed up / followed the Pigsback link / completed the transaction. It is therefore worthwhile taking screenshots of all the transactions you make on Pigsback, as well as keeping the relevant emails, until your Piggy Points have been credited so that you will have further proof to send to Pigsback if there is any dispute regarding your transaction.

Why can't I seem to access the site?
The site may be down, although you could try accessing the site directly via its IP

Shop and Earn
If I order something from Tesco through Pigsback, will I still get club card points?
Yes, you will still get your club card points.

Do any of the retailers on Pigsback accept Paypal?
Boots now accepts Paypal.

Does my Tesco's email address need to be same as my Pigsback email address?

Can I get the ebay points if I sign up with a different address from my Pigsback one?
This is a bit of a tricky question. The terms and conditions state the following;
Terms and Conditions
-PiggyPoints will only be credited if you start the registration process from this page and you make a bid within 30 days of registration.
-Your bid must also originate from Pigsback.com.
-Offer open to Pigsback.com members only.
No mention of your email address. To be on the safe side I would definately use the same email address as your Pigsback account, but if you have already signed up with a different email address and haven't recieved your points, I would refer Pigsback to the T&C and try and argue your case

Validation Codes / Mobile Phone

Why are they asking for my mobile phone number?
Pigsback only ask for your mobile number the first time you order a reward.
It is to try and ensure that people do not open more than one Pigsback account.

What should I do if I don't have a mobile phone?
The best thing to do is to email Pigsback and explain the situation. They are normally very understand and should resolve the problem for you.
Another option is to ask a friend / relative etc. if you could have the validation code sent to their mobile. Be aware that this will not work if that person is already a member of Pigsback and has used the same phone number to validate their own account. Also, be aware that if you then refer this person to Pigsback, they will then not be able to use their own phone number to validate their own account as you will have already used it.

Refer a Friend

How do you refer a friend?
On the home page at the bottom right corner is an Invite your friends section. Click on the link, then enter the names and email addresses of your friends.
Once you've referred a friend, try and make sure they click on the Click here to Register >> button right at the bottom of their email, rather than the other three times the email mentions pigsback.com - see below for an example email. If they don't, there's a good chance the referral won't be tracked, and you won't get the referral points.


Once I've referred a friend, how long does it take for my points to be added?
Your points should be added the day after your friend claims their first reward. BE WARNED, lots of people have had problems getting their referral points credited from Pigsback. Make sure your friend clicks on the right link in the email.

Rewards / Vouchers

When can I order my first reward? / Why does it say 'this reward will be available in x days?
You are only able to order a reward once you have been a member for 10 days. If you go to the Rewards section before this, it will tell you how many days you have left till you can order your first reward.

How do I order a voucher?
1. Sign into Pigsback and go to 'Rewards'
2. Select the reward you want to order then click 'Select Items'
3. Click 'View: My Selections'
4. If this is your first reward, enter your Mobile Number and then your Validation Code
5. Click 'Order Selected Items'

Can you save your points up to Ј100, for example, or do you have to cash them every time you get Ј10?
You can save them up but only for 12 months as the points expire after that if you haven't used them. However, you also run the risk of Pigsback putting up the number of points needed to claim a voucher, some vouchers used to be 1150 points instead of 1000.

How long does it take for vouchers to arrive?
Vouchers should arrive within 14 days.
Electronic vouchers for CD-Wow; you should receive an e-mail within 3 days telling you your voucher is available. The best thing to do is to sign onto your pigsback account, click on rewards, then choose Collect Rewards from the left hand side - you should find the code for their voucher there.

Where can I use the Theatre vouchers?
There is a list of participating theatres on the following website;
They can also be used as part payment for theatre breaks with Superbreak.
You can also exchange Theatre Tokens for tickets for London theatres at the tickets ticket booths in either Leicester Square or Canary Wharf

Can you use Boots vouchers to top-up mobile phones?
Yes, you can top up mobile phones using vouchers.

Can you use more than one voucher per transaction?
Yes. You can use as many vouchers as you want per transaction.

Do you get change from vouchers?
Most places will put any change you are due onto a gift card for you to spend the next time you shop there. The only ones that do not give change are Leisure vouchers. John Lewis generally gives you cash rather than vouchers/gift card as change.

Where's my €2 Rehab Bingo voucher? / My friend who cashed in her points for a rehab bingo voucher, has not yet received that but received an email saying thank you for your donation to charity! She didn't do this and it shows in her piggybank a voucher for rehab bingo! What should she do?

If you use your Piggy points for a Rehab Bingo voucher, the amount will be credited straight to your Rehab Bingo account. Also, Rehab Bingo is a charity / non-profit making site, and a portion of your deposit goes to charity, so you will recieve an email from Pigsback thanking you for your donation. Don't worry, your €2 will still be deposited in your Rehab Account.

What's the website address for red letter days which you can use leisure vouchers to pay for?

How do I use Travel Inn vouchers?
Travel Inn vouchers can be used the same as cash; you just present them over when it's time to pay.

I have some Leisure Vouchers am I able to use these to order wine with Laithwaites?
Yes. Leisure vouchers are a cash payment vouchers so we ask that you send us your order by post enclosing the vouchers. Please contact us to receive a catalogue and order form.


Why can't I place a bet on the jackpot?
You have to have been a member for at least 10 days, and you also need to have claimed your first reward in order to bet on the Pigsback jackpots.

Reviews / Tips

Why hasn't my review / tip been published?
There seems to be no logic to the way Pigsback selected reviews or tips. There doesn't to appear to be any schedule for when they update them either. Some people get lucky and some don't unfortunately.

Thanks to lucyc55 for writing the Faq.

Sorry this such a long post and I hope it helps.

Enjoy your Piggypoint collecting and spending!!!

Racecaller Guide:
(Thanks jo_b)

Racecaller tipster pages:



What is Racecaller?
It's a virtual online bookmaker, where you bet on horses using points rather than real money.

What's that got to do with Pigsback?
Pigsback are offering you 100 free Piggypoints (worth Ј1 ish) when you sign up to Racecaller using the link on the Pigsback site:

You need to place at least one bet on the Racecaller site to get your Piggypoints for joining.

Why do people bet every day then?
Every time you bet on a winning horse, you earn 10 Piggypoints (approx 10p). These can add up over the course of the month to a nice bonus!

When do the points get added?
Usually added onto your Piggybank total during the first week of a new calendar month.

How do I know if my horse won?
Log into your Racecaller account and it lists your bets on your Racecaller page and tells you where your horse finished.

Does it cost me any Piggypoints to bet?
No - this isn't like the Jackpots on Pigsback where you gamble your own Piggypoints. The points you use are allocated by Racecaller. Everybody starts each month with 200 points and they can use these to bet with. If your horse wins, you get more Racecaller points to bet with.

Should I bet 5, 10 or 20 points?
Pigsback only give you 10 Piggypoints for a winning horse, regardless of the number of points you've bet. However, there are bonus Piggypoint prizes for the 10 ten tipsters inthe Pigsback league, which depends on your final score at Racecaller at the end of the month. The more you bet, the more Racecaller points you'll get for a winning horse and you'll have a better chance of winning the Pigsback league.

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