09 Mar 2015

A question about : The Orchard by Tesco Product Testing

Anyone joined up for this?

I received an email invitation from them today.

It looks exactly the same as Bzzagent to me... Perhaps they've decided to start doing it more in house.


Best answers:

  • Never heard of it but just googled it and joined up!
  • I also have looked at the site and joined up. I am a member of their Home Testing Panel plus Shopper Thoughts. Is this a replacement for any of these sites? or is it an additional site for people to join.
  • I'm a member of the shopper thoughts but don't find it that engaging tbh. Is it really worth it? Got the invite to The Orchard today- and yes agree very like Bzz Agent. Fingers crossed less people= more products!! x
  • I am wondering if this will eventually replace bzz agent? Seems a bit silly if Tesco are going to run Bzz and Orchard when they seem to be doing the same thing?
  • Could well be- you seem to be offered a lot more through this website!
  • Just received an invite- may be worth checking those inboxes!
  • No I meant an invite to a Chritmas Bakery Range trial
  • Think it's a dead link, Sarah. It's not loading and I can't get into the website using the emails they have sent today for signing up with :-(
  • It just loaded all of the sudden.... maybe a few teething probs on first day?
  • I've just been invited to and accepted the Finest Christmas Bakery campaign. Cool.
  • I too am in for the Christmas Bakery trial!
  • I've just signed up and answered their surveys - some of them are exactly the same ones I filled in for bzz a week or so ago.
    I wonder if this is a replacement for bzz using how much we post on facebook or tweet to set our score - didn't they try to change bzz score to be made like that but people complained and they changed it back?
  • I couldn't load it, but can now.
    I rang Tesco to make sure it was genuine and reported the loading issue, as it is a beta test site.