09 Mar 2015

A question about : No Compensation if you do not fly back with same airline

According to Easyjet and after they cancelled our return flight, I am not entitled to make a claim of Ј500 additional accommodation expenses when we got caught up in the ash cloud in Budapest. We took a BA flight because no Easyjet flights were available (all be it they say there were flights). We paid Ј1200 for two seats with BA to get back to the UK. Is this EU ruling correct?

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  • It is always worth knowing these things as what starts out as a cheap holiday flight can turn out to be very expensive.
  • I'm surprised to see this thread still ongoing.
    My son and I had been traveling around for 3 weeks and arrived back in LA 2 nights before our flight was due.
    Just after returning the car I received a text about the cancellations
    We had to wait a week in LA without a car
    I kept evey receipt for meals and hotel during that week and once back in UK I tried for compensation through Air France
    Conveniently for them at that moment AF moved their customer services out of the UK altogether and I had to write to them in Paris as there was no phone number. Communication was slow and unhelpful
    I finally received Ј500 through travel insurance and gave up altogether with AF
    What's more, it was the worst flight of my life. I'll never travel with Air France again if I can help it.
    The outgoing flight had been with KLM which I understand is part of the same company but two totally different experiences.
    The KLM flight was my best ever
  • I was living in Iceland until a month before this happened. Is there anybody else in this world who is as disappointed as I was to have left before a volcano blew up?
    Seriously, all I was waiting for was to witness or travel to an actual erupting volcano. So what happens after I leave after 18 months? A bloody volcano blows its top. Arrghhh!
    (yes why is thread still going? )