09 Mar 2015

A question about : New Year resolution

I have posted this on my facebook page and have my two volunteers. I am posting this here in the hope of achieving that avalanche:

I have made my New Year's resolution. I want to start an avalanche with just two snowflakes. I am posting a link here which I would like everybody to look at. What I am proposing is that I send two gifts to people who agree to send 2 gifts to people who agree to send two gifts.... you get the idea. Gifts start at a tenner and everybody can spend whatever they are inclined to and can afford. If you want to start your own chains as well feel free - I am only sending to two people. Also, we could do with a place to post about what we have done and get some sense of community going. Can I have at least two volunteer recipients please? PS if you choose to help Syrian children then the Government matches your donation

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