09 Mar 2015

A question about : New bathroom and kitchen


I want a new bathroom and kitchen fitted. This is something I have never had done before.

Is it usual to go through the large DIY chains to purchase a new bathroom and kitchen, including installation, or are there any other ways to go about this? For example, is this the kind of work a local builder would carry out? If so, would I have to purchase the fixtures and fittings or would the builder do this. There is no way I could do any of the work myself because I have no experience at all.

Sorry to be so vague but I really don't know where to begin with this.


Best answers:

  • We had local independent firms do our new bathroom which was a standalone project and our new kitchen which was part of an extension.
    They supplied everything in both cases
  • We fit kitchens and bathrooms, we generally supply everything.... and give a set price to do all of the work needed. So in the kitchen we would prepare the kitchen, sort out the electrics, plaster, run pipes, tile, fit the kitchen and decorate...
    Some customers like to supply their own stuff, i find this more often with bathrooms, but it all depends how confident and competent the owner of the property is, it can all get a bit confusing for some people.
    But don't go to these large DIY chains. We had a customer who had had a quote from Wickes to supply and install a new kitchen, sort the electrics, plumbing, tiling etc etc, an they wanted 14k with scope left in the contract to increase the price. We did the same work for 7k.
    The larger domestic installation providers have shed loads of poor reviews, they generally sub contract the work out and basically pocket some of your money directly for doing very little.
  • Like Nicholas above I too fepit kitchens and bathrooms and would reiterate what he has suggested.
    Smaller firms work off reputation and are keen to do a quality job as they like referrals and recommendations. With the big sheds, you are just a number. You need to read reviews for all of the sheds and companies like Wren and !!!!!!!!!!!.
    If you say whete you are located, someone maybe able to offer recommendations.
  • Thank you for the advice, I will avoid the big chains and look for local indpependent bathroom/kitchen installers.
    I'm in the CV23 area of the west midlands.