09 Mar 2015

A question about : need help car accident

so last week i had a minor car accident 2 cars reversing in a car park both of us going ay no speed hardly any damage apart from paint work my car more so then his . but today i got a phone call from my insurer saying that the other person in claiming an injury and saying that i fully to blame for the accident. i also have noticed that the other person car has parking sensors should have they warned the other driver of my car before he could hit mine. no i have no idea what to do and i am panicked that this is going to ruin me.
any help out there or advice please

Best answers:

  • You won't be ruined - your insurer will pay any costs/damages awarded to the third party if it ends up you are in any way to blame.
    All you need to do is pass on any correspondence you get unanswered to your insurer to deal with.
  • the fact that the other party is claiming that he is injured has got me more worried then i was ,because i can't see how he was injured it was only the rear bumpers of each car that got hit with no real speed
  • Just give your insurers all the relevant information and then leave it to them to decide if they want to challenge the injury claim.
    As for liability, it is quite likely to end up being a 50/50 if both reversing at the same time and neither has an independent witness to say they stopped and were hit.
  • It'll be found a 50:50 fault as clearly you were both at fault. He's chancing his luck with an injury claim to try and recoup his excess and because he's a lying immoral scum bag who's responsible for all our premiums going up. But your insurance company will decide if they want to challenge his lies or not, so don't worry. You will pay your excess and no more, this is why you take out the legal expenses on your policy to cover claims for injury. Your premium will increase next year as you've had a claim against you and will potentially lose your NCB if it's not protected.