09 Mar 2015

A question about : Nearly At The Big 50

This year its my 50th Birthday.
I've been trawling this site and have done the relevant what I maybe entitled to forms etc. It seems not anything other than what I'm getting now.
So are there any Money Savings to be made when hitting the big 50. Or any hints and tips anyone may have that I haven't come across yet.
I've checked savings, utilities, glasses and all the other things that are relevant to me. But there's nothing much more than at 49. Am I missing something?

Best answers:

  • You are not missing anything, give it another 15 years and you may qualify for something, assuming by then the government, of any, and all, colour has not increased retirement age to 90
    You may find some commercial companies have "over 50" discounts but depends on area & if of interest of course
  • Thanks all. I'll go back to the OS threads.
  • If you look old you may be able to get away with pensioner discount cards at restaurants/pubs, as the ones we've used have not asked for proof of age.
  • Well, you will qualify for over 50s insurance... which might come in a tad cheaper eg Rias.
    Or perhaps Saga- holidays, magazine, insurance..?
  • With Saga holidays it very much depends where you go! If you go long haul the folk will generally be the "go getters" if not that young certainly young in spirit.However if you choose the "stay in UK activity holidays" which use college/uni accommodation they will be the oldies!
    Some handy articles in the Saga magazine. I think it is a great read- I omit all the advertising rubbish! Some years ago they had a lifetime subscription offer which I took- I think they might be paying me to have it ! it turned out to be a bargain.
    This year I have both Saga house insurance and car insurance- both were competitively priced but when renewal time arrives I shall be shopping around (of course!)
  • Don't forget the Saga cc which is equivalent to a Halifax Clarity card when getting cash abroad in local currency. Only for the over 50's
  • Saga insurance is fussy about the cars it will insure. Having got a good deal for my old mark one Fiat Punto, my husband enquired for his mark 3 Punto Sporting (not even a Grande), but was told that they couldn't accept the latter as it is the Sporting model.( No gadabout OAPs allowed?)
  • Saga credit card is commission free for Europe, Halifax Clarity is worldwide commission free.
    (Unless their conditions have changed recently!)
  • I am 55 and come on here a lot, not for what I can get, but more for what I can learn, re elderley parent, care homes, pensions etc, which I think is great and have learned a lot. Have never used Saga for car/home insurance as has been too expensive!!
    But great site for knowledge
  • I tried Saga for car insurance and they declined to quote. It seems modified American cars aren't their thing. Neither are younger spouses.
  • Am I the only one with Saga car insurance?
    My second year, premium very competitive wrt to others found via comparison sites
    In the past I have found them uncompetitive so seems depends on the wind
  • My Saga car insurance is just coming to an end. As I said before I managed to undercut it by Ј230- some saving! I was offered the price match but it is not exactly matching like for like (too complicated to explain why!) so I wouldn't win! Plus I know full well Saga would not price match Ј50 in grocery vouchers!! (So the total saved will be Ј280.)
    I don't know if this past year (2nd year) was such a good buy- the first year I was with them was a great deal since it included half price AA cover. I think I just got too lazy to check!
    Last year I remember reducing the annual milage by 2k- made a slight difference. This new renewal premium had gone up even further- no claims and the car is worth less- doesn't make a lot of sense.