09 Mar 2015

A question about : NDR changed my agreement because they made a mistake! can I challenge them?

I got in debt with catalogue for around 4 to Ј500, I phoned in January and made an agreement to pay 6 payments of Ј140 at the end of each month and then carry on payments as normal to the catalogue, I only realised later that that amounts to more than what I owed in arrears.
Now they have told me a mistake was made and that I now have to pay by the 15th of each month, but they will credit me the Ј12 late fee for may because of the notice, ok I thought, but then told would have to make 3 more payments after June!! June should have been my last payment! I have killed myself paying them off thinking next month will be the last., now I just feel like giving up with them!

I would appreciate any advice, or a link, I used search but couldn't find what I was looking for

Best answers:

  • Did you get it in writing ?