09 Mar 2015

A question about : Mooloo's "Making my future, one stitch at a time"?

As suggested by BrightonBelle, my new thread for 2015
I hope that this year continues to be a success for my Mooloos, a good year for the finances, and a better one in relationship to my ever expanding family.
I say goodbye to 2014, with awe that I achieved one of my dreams so quickly once I set my mind too it.
I am excited to be taking things further into the new year, and hope to employ someone who can sew along side me, and pay my wages too me as well.
I look forward to the arrival of my new grandchildren with mixed emotions. Time will tell.
So it's a few days to the New Year, but an apt moment to start my new thread.
Here's to a great 2015 and more goal getting! title=Havetitle=Have

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  • Happy new thread Mooloo
  • All the best for 2015 Mooloo.... just had to subscribe
  • Looking forward to supporting you in 2015
  • I am always amazed at the number of views my threads get.
    This year has been no exception! Nearly twice as many as my first few years.
    Now they really were hard times!
    I finally see the wood from the trees more times now.
    I bounce back into a more positive frame of mind sooner these days.
    I seem to manage the catastrophes better too.
    I would however like this new year to be an even better year for the Mooloo clan.
    If I could wish for anything, it would be for better luck for my family, especially the new babies coming into this world between March and August.
    If I was lucky enough to have more than one wish, it would be that those close friends of mine who are very ill could return to good health. That the medical research finally had a breakthrough and we could treat these horrible illnesses!
    Not as tall an order really!! Miracles can happen and do.
    I believe in the power of thought. The energy we give out and receive. How a thought can become something physical. That the impossible is only temporarily, as we create the answers collectively.
    I know it can seam a little sceptical but for me it makes sense.
    The more positive I become, the more positive things happen.
    I realise it's not 100% fool proof, but it works for me.
    So I will Keep Calm, Carry on thinking Positively, and watch life improve!
  • Happy new diary Mooloo - may all your hopes for 2015 come true!
  • Happy new diary Mooloo
  • I'm honoured Mooloo!
    Can you get rid of the question mark at the end though - because I think it is a statement of intent, without any doubt.
    Wishing you well in all your endeavours for 2015. There will be loads you have no control over, but keep focussed on that which you can change / influence.
    Your big successes are a happy and healthy DGD, your growing business and improvements in your own health. Keep focussing on these as your priority and the rest will be easier to cope with.
  • A great title for your new thread!
    I have subscribed and will try and post more than a couple of times on this one
  • Hi Mooloo, once again I have subscribed, but don't post that often, I do enjoy reading your diary though.
  • Hi Mooloo, I'm a long time lurker and wish you lots of luck and happiness for 2015 x
  • I think I need to ask the moderators to help there. I seem to only be able to alter the text! Sorry BrightonBelle
    I'm up later then I thought.
    DGD is awake still.
    She caught me crying over a recorded Call the Midwife. It was about adoption, and forced adoption.
    Well you know how I feel about that.
    If I could add to my wish list it would be to have enough money for a mother baby unit, with a difference. They keep the babies with consistent help. Or at worst keep contact if they are able.
    So it's an emotional Mooloo that says, time for bed.
    We must make it a better new year.
  • Happy New Diary Mooloo
    I cried over that episode too, a very good friend had to give up a baby so it is a subject close to my heart. Luckily for her they were reunited 37 years later and now have a good relationship.
  • I'm having to steel myself to watch it. I have a very close friend who had a miscarriage over 40 years ago & the way she was treated was just awful. Asked what she had done to cause it - the inference was on purpose. Like no-one who was married ever did anything to cause a miscarriage. I still feel myself getting annoyed just to think about it. On top of the accusations she was also put on a ward with women who were still pregnant but at risk of losing them. Nightmare doesn't even come close to a decent description. I am just so grateful that things have changed. But on the other hand I still think people have babies too readily.
  • I remember having my twins in the special care unit, and waking up with just a Polaroid picture of them beside me, on a ward full of mums with babies, and everyone asking in loud stage whispers where was my baby! It was awful. They were there only 10 days but it felt like an eternity, and sharing with other people with babies crying and feeding etc all around me was cruel enough.
    I agree that my family seem to have been very lapse over contraception, dispite the girls originally having implants. But they were removed in the new year, and remembering to take a pill on time was never going to happen! We all know that one.
    I'm running late for work. Dispite a 7am alarm, I decided I wanted a soak in the bath. Still need to get DGD up, and take her with me. I better get my skates on!
  • Just saw the new thread and popped in to say hello. Then read your news and had to do a recap on the old thread. Really can't believe the number of grandchildren you are expecting. (Got as far back as DS and twin1 but gather there is a third one due?)
    One snippet: Round here the people that pay for name labels to be sewn on are usually paying about Ј1 each label. Anyone using this service does so because they are short of time and are happy to pay for the service. Don't sell yourself short.
  • I sometimes think you should start a proper blog Mooloo- one where you could get money from sponsors! The number of views you get here would be probably tripled or more out in blog land, and it would be a very welcome income for you ! Your story is so real, can be frustrating for the reader at times, but is always inspirational.
    I hope 2015 is a great one for you!
  • I suppose I could duplicate it somehow. But it's been here for many years as I got so much helpful advise from the professionals on here.
    I keep meaning to write a book, but just don't have the willpower to do it!
    Maybe I need a ghost writer? Who can take the blog and work with it.
    I'm at work, struggling a bit today. First job went well. Second job was a glue job rather then a sewing one.
    Modesty panel didn't go to plan and had to be redone.
    Shortened a skirt was ok, but interrupted a lot has put me off my stride. Only just had my lunch now.
    DS, GF, and Biggest of Mooloo came to see me. They had been to the hospital for a scan. Biggest is the other one expecting a baby in August. It's too early for her scan, but she took them so they weren't on the motorbike in this weather.
    Molly's daughter helped me for a few hours and DGD has been on the gadgets. Noises are driving me a bit nuts.
    When I've eaten my crisps I better get back to work!