09 Mar 2015

A question about : March 2015 Grocery Challenge

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the third Grocery Challenge of 2015 title=Smile !!!!

If your new month starts early feel free to join this thread, or if you're still working on your February budget, then keep on posting in the:

February thread

As always this challenge is to reduce your own grocery budget to levels that you will be pleased with, not forgetting that we always recommend that you stay inside your own comfort levels and take things gently one step at a time. Remember that this is not a competition....it's designed to take you and your grocery spending to a level you are happy with.

If you are new to the challenge I have quoted the advice from Galtizz below which will help you get started.

Please post into this thread for help and advice and support at any time. Good luck to everyone taking part! title=Smile

I have said this before, but for all the newbies to the challenge;

For the first month I took a guess at the budget but I really had no idea how much I was spending.

I found the best thing is to have a guess the first month but SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS (and yes, that does include the ones from the local shop when you run out of milk ), then at the end of the month add them all up and have a look if you were on budget, if not, it doesn't matter because your budget was a guess. For the next month you can use the total of your receipts and take a bit off to get a realistic budget, just shave off as much as you think you can, it could be Ј1 a week or Ј20 a week.

If you are currently spending Ј200 a month don't suddenly drop it to Ј100 - you'll never do it but if you cut Ј20 a month off for a few months you'll get there eventually without feeling you're missing out on anything.

You might think you've done everything you can in the first month but someone always comes up with a new idea and, if you try it you often find you save a bit more (unless you are SarahSaver who is an expert at this and could only save more if she turned her back garden into a paddy field and lived on rice ) In the first month I thought, I'm planning meals, I couldn't possibly save any more, but then I started double cooking and freezing, and making soup instead of buying it in tins.

I've been doing this since Feb but only saved ALL of my receipts last month, it has given me a much better idea of where it is all going. Budget for next month is Ј80 for 2 of us, I'll start on 30/4. I could probably save more, by eating different foods but I can afford to live on Ј80, I have saved a lot of money since Feb. and I don't waste food or money any more. So I'm happy with my budget.
By request, here is Spiggles wonderful helpful post


We all have different budgets that suit our households. The most important thing to remember is that you set yours according to your needs and finances. It can take time to get to where you want to be too so don't knock yourself out if you go over in the first few months. We are here to support each other and it is not a competition.

I thought it might help to outline where we've come from and the top tips I've learned.

When we started in March 2010 we had spent in excess of Ј600 in the previous month. title=EEK! This had to stop, (there's only me and him and our two beautiful black cats) something which thankfully my OH completely agreed with so I have been lucky that he has been on board from the start. He gave me his debit card voluntarily and I still keep hold of it until he needs to get something for the home. At the same time we set up a system of pocket money (pm) at Ј15 each per week which doesn't count towards the GC and which we can each spend as we wish with no comebacks or complaints. OH predominantly uses his pm on his beer and I ferret mine away mostly. title=ROTFL

The next step was to set up my own spreadsheet which is absolutely simple onto which I put all spends so that I have a continuous running total for the month and for the year. We initially set our budget at Ј280 per month and brought it down to Ј240 where it resides for most of the year it is occasionally increased to allow for extras e.g. Christmas to Ј260.

The important 'tools' we found greatly helped and continue to do so now are:

Stocktake cupboards, fridge, freezer - make lists and ensure that the older products get used up first. You'll be amazed at what you find squirrelled away and it will help with your shopping list as you'll realise that you don't actually need so much.

Before you go shopping check staples - running out of milk, bread, butter, etc often leads to going into a shop for one thing and coming out Ј20 lighter. Always check these and if they'll run out tomorrow buy them the same time as getting other things.

Always make a shopping list and stick to it - the supermarkets (sm) try every which way to get us to spend so having a list and strong resolve is the only way to beat them.

Keep every receipt - and then note it down on your spreadsheet/spend diary so that you always know where you are.

When tempted, ask yourself do you NEED it or just WANT it - now this advice goes with two things. Firstly, the things you see in store when shopping that APPEAR to be bargains - if you hadn't planned spending the money then its not a bargain. Secondly, the sm send us loads of vouchers for ЈX off a spend of ЈXX - if you had no NEED to spend ЈXX then have you SAVED anything???

Use my supermarket to compare prices (limited to four of the biggies) - The site may be used to actually do an online shop at whichever of the big four offers the best value or, if you have the time and sm availability, to make up lists for visiting each of the stores so that you can purchase all you need at different stores thus getting the best possible value. (I'd add, do a 'shop' virtually on this site and take the list you create on it with you, whichever one you shop at, it will help keep target prices in your head and allow you to spot bargains. MrM is not included but you can do a virtual list on their website so you know what you're going to be spending.)

Always have a list - this is just as important when shopping online as shopping on foot.

Use Approved Foods online (with a list!) - if you don't mind out of date things (ood) or you can search for only in date items. The only drawback is storing the goods as far as I can tell. Oh, and watch the delivery as it's done on a scaled charge for weight so keep an eye on it. You can of course do an AF order with friends, family, colleagues or like minded neighbours. Other GCers use Big Br*nds 4 Less too.

Invest in a breadmaker - we have saved so much by making our own bread. The prices in the shops are extortionate for bread these days. There's loads of advice on this thread and others in the forum on this.

Use the recipe lists - always posted at the front of a new thread. There are fantastic, tasty, healthy and economical recipes to use on them and there are a number of other threads on the forum such as Weezl's that will help you to eat well on a budget.

Shop locally - the local greengrocer (or preferably market but I don't have one title=Cry) is usually cheaper as an option for fruit and veg (f&v) than the sm. Often the prices may look the same but when you look at the quantity for the same price the greengrocer will be cheaper. The same goes for the local butcher. Often you will have far more variety of meat available, advice on how to cook a particular meat can be offered and there is (for me at least) no comparison in terms of quality. We buy our huge FR eggs there and I'm yet to find an equivalent FR egg in a sm at the same or lower price. Obvioulsy if you have your own chicks/know someone who has chicks you can get them even cheaper again.

Grow your own - it's quite simple to grow some f&v at home even if it's only in pots on the patio. There are also supportive threads on the forum for this.

Cook your own - making meals at home from ingredients is far more economical, often tastes better than shop bought and is probably far better healthwise.

Meal Plan - this is something that others can advise on as we don't do it. I have a tremendous capacity for eating the same food over many days but presented in slightly different form. For example, we could buy Ј7 worth of brisket from the butchers and eat it as pot roast for a couple of days, sliced for sarnies, sliced with a salad, chucked into a casserole or shredded up and fried as crispy beef.

Don't waste food - either only make what you need or use any leftovers for other meals/creations or freeze it for another day.

Withdraw the cash you want to spend - and keep it in a separate purse. This can be particularly effective as you have the money in front of you reducing rather than spending with plastic which is so easy to lose track of. Very useful when you first start out.

Don't go to the shops to browse - this can only lead to pain and hardship!!!

Keep posting and reading the thread - there really is no better supportive, wise and inspirational place to be! I think I saw that somebody mentioned forgetting to read/post. I get around this by using the Advanced button to post, below the window where your text is displayed you will see Additional Options. In the Thread Subscription box use the dropdown to select either instant email notification (this is what I use) or daily email notification before you submit your latest post. Then you will get an email into your inbox from which you can click to the thread to see what others are saying.

Always remember the sm is not your friend - it wants to profit from you and take as much of your money as it can coerce out of you!

So, there you go as a starting point. Others on here will offer tremendous advice on meal planning. And don't forget, the only silly question is the one you didn't ask! title=Big

See you all later,

For quidelines on posting in this thread please read the second post in this thread.

For the Grocery challenge Recipe Index please see posts #3, #4, #5 #6 #7 #8 & #9 on this thread (the list is growing!!!!!)

For everyones totals, see post #10 on this thread

I hope everyone has a great month!


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  • Before using any of these GF or DF recipes please check labels as manufacturers often make changes to ingredients.
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    Main Meals & Side Dishes
    Aubergine and Courgette Bake (v) (ext link)
    Asparagus & Mushroom Orzo
    Bacon - Bacon and Bean Pasties
    Bacon and Cheese Fritatta with Tomato Salsa
    Bacon and Egg Pie
    Bacon Hotpot
    Bacon, broccoli and pasta bake (GF and DF)
    Bacon and Onion Dumpling
    Bacon and Veg Risotto
    Bacon Roast Chicken with Potatoes (ext link)
    Baked beans - Baked Beans (home made) ... Baked Beans (home made)
    Baked Bean Pasties
    Baked Bean Tart
    Baked potato pizza (can be V)
    BBQ Cannelini Beans with sausages
    Bean Curry (Slow Cooker)
    Beef - Brisket
    Brisket (Slow Cooker)
    Beef Casserole
    Beef Curry Dopiaza (Delia recipe) (ext link)
    Beef Curry (Simple)
    Beef in Port and Stilton - SC
    Sizzling beef strips
    Jamie Oliver's Beef Stifado (ext link)
    Stir Fried Beef and Onions with Brocolli
    Beef Stroganoff
    Beef and Root Veg Curry
    Biriani - Easy Peasy Biriani method
    Bolognaise (Remoska) .Bolognaise (2) Bolognaise (3) Bolognaise (4) Bolognaise (5)
    Braised Cabbage with Red Beans and Rice
    Broad Bean and Bacon Tart
    Burgers - Beef & Brie Burgers
    Broad Bean Burgers (v)
    Burgers ..... Gluten Free HM burgers
    Butternut squash -Butternut squash, caramelised red onion & feta pie
    Butternut squash and beetroot tortilla with goats cheese
    Cabbage - Stuffed cabbage leaves
    Carbonara ... Carbonara with cheese triangles
    Cashews - Cashew Curry (v)
    Cauliflower - Cheesy Cauliflower (v)
    Cauliflower, Cheese and Onion Fritters (v)
    Cauliflower Egg and Potato Curry (v)
    Cheese - Cheese and Bacon Savouries
    Cheese and Nut Loaf (v)
    Cheese and Onion Flan (v)
    Cheese and Onion Fryits (v)
    Cheese and Onion Pasties (v)
    Cheese and Potato Pie (v) Cheese aqnd Potato Pie (2) (v)
    Cheese Pie - School days recipes thread
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    Cheesy Bread and Butter Pudding (v)
    Cheesy garlic bread (ext lnk) (v)
    Cheesy vegetable bake (ext link) (v)
    Chicken - Chicken Adobo
    Chicken Bake
    Boneless bacon wrapped chicken thighs stuffed with philly (GF)
    Chicken Cannelloni
    GF Chicken Casserole (slow cooker)
    Chicken - Cheat's Chicken Cassoulet
    Chinese Chicken
    Chicken and Bacon Pasta
    Chicken and Bacon pie
    Chicken and broccoli bake
    Chicken and Bacon Lasagne
    Chicken - Cheat's Chicken Lasagne in the SC
    Chicken, Cheese, Ham and Brocolli Pie
    Chicken and Cheese Puff Pastry Ring
    Chicken and Chickpea Curry
    Chicken, Chorizo and Butter Bean Stew
    Chicken & Chorizo Gumbo
    Chicken and Chorizo Pasta
    Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Bake (ext. link)
    Chicken & Chorizo Gratin
    Chicken Curry
    Chicken Fricasee
    Chicken Fried Rice
    Garlic, mushroom & balsamic chicken
    Chicken, leek and bacon pie / pasties
    Chicken and Leek Gratin
    Chicken, Leek and Tarragon pie - GF & DF
    Chicken and leek and philly pie (GF&DF)
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    SC Chicken with herby sauce [GF and DF]
    Chicken with rice crispy crust
    Chicken and Potato Curry
    Chicken and Vegetable Slice
    Chicken or Quorn with Ginger and Coconut Milk
    Chicken in Garlic and Mushroom Sauce
    Chicken in White Wine Sauce
    SC Chicken with chorizo and bacon (gluten and dairy free)
    General Tso Chicken
    Nearly KFC chicken
    Chickpea Curry
    Chickpea and Vegetable Stew with Couscous (V)
    Chickpea Stroganoff
    Chilli....Chilli (2)...Chilli (Remoska) .....Slow Cooker Chilli Con Carne
    Chilli - Heinz 5 Beans Chilli
    Chilli/Spaghetti Bolognaise/Cottage Pie (batch bake)
    Chilli Bean Tortillas
    Chilli Chicken Ramen
    Chilli Cheese Crostini
    Chilli chicken with jasmine rice (BBC food)
    Chilli-Lime Meatballs
    Chilli Meat Loaf
    Chilli Pizza
    Chilli, Tomato, Butternut Squash bake
    Chinese Stir Fried Noodle or Fried Rice thingy
    Chinese Pork Balls & Sweet & Sour Sauce
    Chinese style cabbage
    Chorizo Cheesy Pasta
    Chorizo, Haddock and New Potato one pot
    Chorizo & sundried tomato risotto
    Cobbler (topping) see below for Minced Beef with Cobbler Topping
    Coconut Curry
    Cod - Crunchy Topped Cod
    Coleslaw ... Low calorie spicy coleslaw / Coleslaw
    Coq au Vin (SW)
    Corned Beef Hash - MrsMCawber's recipe / Corned Beef Hash
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    Courgette Fritters (1) Courgette Fritters (2)
    Courgette Pie
    Courgette Polpette Recipe
    Courgette and Tomato Layer Bake
    Courgettes - Quick Courgette Lasagne
    Couscous with chorizo & chickpeas (ext. link)
    Couscous salad / Coucous Salad
    Cowboy Hash
    Cranberry & Soy glazed cocktail sausages
    Creamy Chicken and Potato casserole
    Creamy Lentil and Rice Dish (Khircheri) (BBC website)
    Cumberland Pie
    Curried chicken, potato and lentil pot pie
    Curry - Bhoona Curry in a hurry LOW FAT
    Curry - Fruity Chicken Curry ........ Hurry Curry
    Curry - Goan Prawn Curry
    Curry - Storecupboard Curry
    Curry Sauce
    Dairylea Cheese Triangles ideas
    Diet Coke Chicken
    Duchesse potatoes
    Dumplings - Mushroom Dumplings
    Egg and Lentil Curry
    Enchiladas (meat or vegetarian) ...... Enchiladas/casserole
    Faggoty Pea Stew
    Fajita Seasoning
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    Feta and Potato Patties
    Fishcakes ... Storecupboard Fishcakes
    Fish Pie and Fish Pie
    French Toast
    Fried Rice
    Fusilli with Broccoli
  • Before using any of these GF or DF recipes please check labels as manufacturers often make changes to ingredients.
    NB - for Vegetarian recipes check under 'V'
    Main Meals and Side Dishes contd.
    Gammon and Leek Crumble
    Gammon in a herb sauce with mustard mash (GF and DF )
    Gnocchi - Baked Gnocchi
    Gnocchi with sage butter (v)
    Goats cheese and spring vegetable spaghetti
    Haddock - Grilled haddock on lemon leek and pea rice
    Haddock and Pea Risotto
    Ham- Glazed Cranberry Ham
    Ham Hock (slow cooker)
    Ham Salad (sandwich filling) external link
    Harry Potter Stew
    Homity Pie
    Hummus and Garlic Pitta Breads
    Hummous and Za'atar Wraps
    Hungarian Goulash
    Indian curried pork patties recipe
    Individual chicken pies
    Individual Potato Pies
    Jambalaya - Cheap and Cheerful Jambalaya
    Kale Hash (Boerenkool Stamppot)
    Keema and spinach pilau
    Lamb curry and paratha
    Greek lamb filo pie
    Lamb Hotpot
    Slimming World Lamb Kebab
    Recipes to stretch lamb mince
    Lamb Stew
    Lamb Tikka
    Lasagne .... Lasagne (2) ......LasagneMock Lasagne ... Lasagne with sausagemeat .....
    ...............Vegetarian Lasagne ... Chicken and Bacon Lasagne ....Tuna LasagneCreamy Chicken & Bacon Lasagne / Creamy Courgett Lasagne (v) / Mushroom & Spinach Lasagne (v)
    Leek - Leek & Butterbean Orzo (Pasta)
    Leek and Cauliflower Puree
    Leek, Mushroom and Lemon Risotto
    Lemon Chicken
    Lemon chicken with basil and tagliatelle
    Lemon potatoes
    Lentil and Butterbean Casserole
    Lentil Shepherds Pie
    Lentil, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne (vegetarian)
    Liver and bacon pate
    Liver and bacon saute with potatoes & parsley
    Liver and onions stir fry
    Italian Liver
    Lobby (stew)
    Macaroni Cheese
    Mackerel Fishcakes
    Mackerel and Pea Pasta
    Marrow - Veggie stuffed marrow .... Stuffed Marrow
    Meat n Tatty Pie
    Meatballs .... Meatballs Spanish Style
    Meatloaf (1) Meatloaf (2) Meatloaf (3)
    Mediterranean Mince and Potato 'Pie'
    Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta
    Mince - 1 recipe/2 dinners
    Mince & onion pie
    Mince and Totties and Dumplings
    Minced Beef Curry
    Mince - Indian Style Mince with Potatoes and Peas
    Mince - Mexican Style Mince
    Minced Beef with Cobbler Topping
    Mince pasta sauce (stretched out)
    Mini Goat's Cheese, Pear & Walnut Quiche
    Mini Sausage Rolls/Pigs in Blankets
    Mock Goose
    Monday Pie
    Moroccan Inspired Braised Chicken (ext. link)
    Mushroom stroganoff (v)
    Naan Bread (using yogurt, no eggs or yeast)
    Nettle Pasta
    Nigerian Red Kidney Bean Stew with a Peanut Sauce (v)
    Nonya Laksa
    Onion Bhajis.... Onion Bjahis
    Onion, Cranberry & Blue Cheese Tart
    Onion - Supper Onion Pie
    Open top 'pizza' pie
    Oven Baked Indian Snacks
    Oven Chips - home made
    Oxtail Stew
    Pasta - Bacon Pasta
    Pasta - Beetroot Penne includes external link
    Pasta - Cheesy Pasta, Broccoli and Bacon Bake.
    Pasta - Cheese and Onion Bake
    Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus
    Pasta - Cold Pesto Pasta Salad
    Pasta - Lemony lentil pasta
    Pasta with Tomato Sauce.......Pasta and Sauce
    Pastry Twists .Pastry Straws
    Pearl Barley Broth the old way
    Pease pudding
    Pinto bean burgers
    Pizza / Pizza Base Recipe / Pizza Base / Pizza - Home Made Pizza /
    / Basic Pizza Dough
    Pizza Toastie
    Pizza Wheels
    Pork, Bacon, Mushroom and Philly (GF)
    Barbecue Pork; . Barbecue Pork
    Belly Pork
    Pork Burgers with Salad
    Pork Cheeks - Braised in Red Wine - In Cider
    Pork Chops marinated in a HM BBQ sauce ( GF and DF)
    Pork Kofta
    Creamy Honey, Mustard & Cider Pork for SC or Hob
    Sweet lime, soy and chilli pork
    SC Pork, mustard, honey and apple (GF and can be DF)
    SC Pork in Honey, Mustard and Apple Juice (GF&DF)
    Tropical Pork and Peppers (GF & DF)
    Pork with leeks, apples, creme fraiche and mustard (GF)
    Pork and Beef Meatballs
    Pork Pasties
    Pork Ribs - cooking and sauces
    Leftover Pork Ragu (Jamie Oliver recipe)
    Pork Steaks in Mustard and Cider Sauce (SC)
    Pork strips and hm barbecue sauce (belly pork)
    Pork Yuk Sung
    Potatoes - ideas
    Potatoes - Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes
    Potato, Bacon and Onion Hotpot
    Potato bake
    Potato Bake
    Potato Bake with cheese, onions, potato and sweet potato
    Potato Cakes
    Potato,Chorizo and Cheese Quesadilla
    Potato Kebabs
    Potato layer bake - with cheese, leeks and stock
    Potato layer bake - with cheese, onion and white sauce
    Potato layer bake - with chorizo and bacon
    Potato layer bake (Teisen datws)
    Potato, leek and egg bake (GF&DF)
    Potatoes - Lemon Potatoes
    Potatoes - Roast Potato Rosti
    Potatoes - Roasted
    Potatoes - Roasted with Semolina
    Potato Scones
    Potatoes - Twice Baked Potatoes
    Potato Wedges, Home Made
    Prawn, Cashew and Celery stir fry
    Prawn and Chickpea Curry
    Prawns and Peppers with Saffron and Rice
    Quiche Lorraine
    Refried Beans
    Remoulade with celeriac
    Rice and Peas with Mango Chicken
    Rice: Summer Rice Salad.....Rice Salad
    Rice - Monday Night Rice ...Coconut Rice
    Risotto:.Easy Risotto with Bacon and Peas .. Risotto - oven baked
    Roasted peppers stuffed with savoury rice
    Roasted Vegetable Tart
    Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous
    Root Veg and Potato Rosti
    Russian Salad and Russian Salad
  • Before using any of these GF or DF recipes please check labels as manufacturers often make changes to ingredients.
    NB - for Vegetarian recipes check under 'V'

    Main Meals and Side Dishes contd.
    Salmon - Asian-style salmon & squash salad
    Salmon Broccoli and Potato Pie
    Salmon and Dill Fishcakes
    Salmon - Thai steamed salmon
    Sausage and Apple One Pot (GF & DF)
    Sausage and Bacon Casserole (SC)
    Sausage Bake (GF)
    Sausage and Bean Cassoulet
    Sausage and Bean Chilli
    Sausage Bean Stew
    Sausage, Black Pudding, Bacon & Bean Stew
    Sausage Casserole
    Sausage Casserole - Sausage Casserole - Sausage Casserole - Sausage Casserole
    Sausage Casserole with hm garlic bread
    Sausage Cassoulet - Stovetop Cassoulet (sausages)
    Sausage Leek and Apple pie
    Sausagemeat Hash
    Sausage Meat Patties
    Sausage Pie
    Sausages - Spicy Sausage Casserole
    Sausages - Sweet Chilli Bangers....Sweet Chilli Sausages (SC)
    Sausages - Toad in the Hole....Mini Toad in the Hole
    Sausage Stew
    Sausage and Pasta
    Sausage and Potato Roast
    Sausage and Rice bake
    Sausage and Stuffing Plait
    Sausage and Tomato Spaghetti
    Sausage and Vegetable Bake
    Smoked Sausage, Apple and Onion Tart
    Savoury Crumble
    Savoury tarts - pastry-less
    SC/casserole Pork Stew (GF&DF)
    SC Sausage and Bacon Casserole ( GF & DF)
    SC Lamb Pot Roast (GF&DF)
    Scotch Eggs
    Sheesh kebab
    Shepherds Pie
    Slow cooked belly pork
    Smoked Mackerel and Rocket Fishcakes
    Smoked salmon soda breads
    Smoked Salmon - Tagliatelle with Smoked Salmon
    Spaghetti Pie
    Spaghetti Bolognaise ...Easy Spaghetti Bolognaise
    Spaghetti Bolognaise/Chilli/Cottage Pie (batch bake)
    Spaghetti with courgettes, tomato and brie
    Spaghetti Carbonara
    Spicy Bacon and Tomato Pasta
    Spicy Bean and Lentil Loaf
    Spicy Bean & Sweet Potato Stew
    Spicy Meatballs with Pea Pilaf (GF)
    Spicy Red Cabbage
    Spicy Sausage Pasta / Spicy Sausage Pasta
    Spinach pancakes
    Steak and Kidney stew/pie filling
    Steak Sauce - Quick Steak Sauce
    Steamed Oriental Buns
    Stifado see also SW recipes below
    Stuffed Peppers
    Stuffing - MrsMcawber's recipe ... Stuffing
    Suet crust pie with quorn
    Super Tasty Bacon, Bean and Sausage
    Sweet & Sour Chicken/Pork
    Sweet Potato Balti
    Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Pie
    Sweet Potato and Leek Pie
    Sweet Potato and Pea Curry
    Sweet and Sour Sauce - Easy Peasy Sweet and Sour Sauce
    Sweetcorn Fritters
    Szechuan chicken/seabass
    TexMex Skillett
    Thai green curry
    Tofu burgers
    Tomato paste (external link)
    Tomato sauce for Pasta: Batch cook recipe / Tomato Sauce / Rosanna Sauce
    Tomato and Pepper Pasta
    Tortellini - Easy Cheesy Tortellini
    Tuna and Sweetcorn Lasagne
    Tuna Fish Mousse
    Tuna Fishcakes
    Tuna Lasagne
    Tuna Pasta Bake........Tuna Pasta Bake (2)
    Turkey Burgers (GF and DF)
    Turkey and Bubble and Squeak Pie
    Turkey 'One-Pot' Pie
    Turkey Pasta
    Turkey Pasta Cacciatore
    Vegan Mediterranean Lentil Pie
    Vegetable Casserole
    Vegetable Hotpot with Cheese Triangles
    Vegetarian Bean Curry
    Vegetarian Burgers
    Veggie 'Burger'
    Veggie Burritos
    Veggie Chilli and some variations
    Veggie Haggis
    Vegetable pie (using leftover veg)
    Vegetable and Bean Bake
    Vegetable and Blue Cheese Bake
    Vegetable Samosas
    Vegetarian Lasagne
    Vegetarian spicy squash stew - external link
    Venison sausage stew
    Walnut Sables
    White Fish with Spicy Beans and Chorizo
    White Sauce
    Yorkshire Egg And Bacon Pie
    Yorkshire puddings / Yorkshire Puds / Yorkshire Puddings
    Yoghurt Curry with Pakoras
    Za'atar Chicken with Roasted Veg
    Za'atar Chicken and Salad Wraps
    Slimmers World Adapted Recipes
    12 speed/trumpy soup SW
    Balsamic Braised Beef SW
    Black Pepper and Lemon Chicken Goujons SW
    Braised Lamb Shank SW
    Cheesy Bacon Lasagne SW
    Cheese Topped Minced Beef and Potato Layer SW
    Chilli Beans (SW)
    Coq au Vin SW
    Crustless Quiche SW
    Frittata/Tortilla SW
    Leonslaw SW
    Luxury Cauliflower Cheese SW
    Marinade - Sticky Ginger Pork Marinade SW
    Mechado Beef Stew SW
    Mushy Pea Curry SW
    One Pot Beef and Red Wine Pasta SW
    Ox Burger SW
    Pork - Slow Cooker Chinese Pork SW
    Slow cooker Goan pork curry SW
    Spanish Rice with Chicken and Chorizo SW
    Stifado (2) - SW
    Slimming Eats SW recipes (ext link)
  • Baking (sweet and savoury), Snacks, Sweets & Desserts
    2 Minute Micro Puds
    2 Minute Chocolate Pud
    2 Minute Microwave Syrup Sponge
    All in One Cake
    All in One Apple Cake
    Almond Cakes
    Apple Braid
    Apple Charlotte
    Apple Cinnamon Cake
    Apple Delight
    Apple, Lemon and Honey Tart
    Apple - Microwave Autumn Apple Cake
    Apple and Mincemeat Pie
    Apple and Orange Fruit Cake
    Applesauce Banana Muffins
    Apricot Flapjack bars
    Baileys Chocolate Truffles
    Bakewell Tart
    Banana butterscotch pudding (ext)
    Banana and Honey bread pudding
    Banana bread - Banana Cake (bread)
    Chocolate Banana Bread
    Banana Ice Cream
    Banana and lemon drizzle cake
    Banana Muffins (wholemeal) (1)
    Banana Muffins (2)
    Banana Muffins (3)
    Banana and Oat Cookies
    Banana and Walnut cake
    Banana and Walnut loaf (Gluten Free)
    Banana Ginger Parkin
    Blackberries - Grated Blackberry Bake
    Brandy Apple Bread n Butter Pudding
    Branflake cake
    Bottom of the Cupboard Bars
    Bounty Balls
    Bran Fruit Loaf
    Bread & Butter Pudding / Bread Pudding / Bread Pudding 2 / Bread and Butter Pudding 3
    Bulk pancake mix
    Buttercream topping
    Butterscotch squares
    Caramel Shortbread (Millionaire's Shortbread)
    Carrot Cake / Carrot Cake Cupcakes
    Cheesecake - Misers white chocolate cheesecake .... Lemon Cheesecake
    Cheese n marmite twists
    Easy cheese biscuits
    Cheese, tomato and pesto muffin
    Chocolate Beetroot Cake
    Chocolate Biscuit Thins
    Cheesy Biscuits
    Chocolate and Pear Upside Down Pudding
    Chocolate Brownies
    Chocolate Concrete
    Chocolate Coookies - Cheap and Easy
    Chocolate Courgette Cake
    Chocolate Crispies
    Chocolate Custard (easy)
    Chocolate Fridge Cake
    Chocolate Fudge Cake
    Chocolate Krackolates
    Cupboard-clearing chocolate pastry
    Chocolate Log - gluten free
    Chocolate Mousse Trifle
    Chocolate Mug Cake
    Chocolate orange muffins see also Muffins
    Chocolate Oat Bars (No Bake)
    Chocolate Pancakes
    Chocolate Pear Pudding
    Chocolate Pots
    Chocolate pudding (1) (microwave) Chocolate Pudding (2) (microwave)
    Chocolate pudding - self-saucing ......
    Chocolate self-saucing puddings
    Chocolate Self-saucing pudding (ext link)
    Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova
    Chocolate Stuff (see also Tiffin)
    Chocolate Trifle
    Chocolate yoghurt cake
    Christmas Biscotti
    Christmas cake - baked bean tin size
    Christmas cake - Vegan Christmas cake
    Coconut ice-cream (dairy free)
    Coconut - Can't Go Wrong Coconut Confections
    Coconut - Coconut and Banana Ice Cream
    Coconut Balls
    Coconut Cake
    Coconut and orange cake
    Coconut Flapjacks
    Coconut ice
    Coffee Cake
    Coffee Fudge Frosting
    Cookie Dough
    Cornflake Tart
    Courgette Tea Bread/Muffins
    Cranberry And Chocolate Brownies
    Currant Loaf
    Custard Cookies
    D&DD's Apple Braid
    Date, Nut and Oat biscuits
    Date & Pecan Balls
    Dorset Apple Muffins
    Easy Syrup Sponge Pudding
    Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Cookies
    Eggless Chocolate Cake
    Flaky Bars
    Flapjacks and Flapjacks
    Flapjacks and Microwave Flapjacks
    Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Cake
    Fruit Cake .... Fruit Cake
    Fruit and Mascarpone dessert
    Fruit Mince
    Fruit Mincemeat Drops
    Fruity Pancakes
    Fudge Tart
    Ginger Biscuits (ext link)
    Ginger cake
    Ginger nut biscuits (ext link)
    Gingerbread Men (1)....Gingerbread Men (2)
    Ginger Raisin Crunches
    Ginger Refrigerator Biscuits
    Gluten-free Chocolate Log
    Gluten-free Ginger Biscuits
    GF & DF Free Biscuits - Peanut Butter, Ginger and Plain
    Golden Syrup Tart
    Granola - Home made Granola
  • Baking (sweet and savoury), Snacks, Sweets & Desserts contd.
    Healthy Snack Bars
    Honey Frosted Buns
    Honey Crunch Bars
    Ice Cream
    slimmers world - Mint Ice Cream ...
    Banana Ice Cream (just bananas) ext link
    Lemon Curd Ice-Cream jenid's / MoneySavingDiva's
    Salted Caramel Ice Cream
    Impossible Coconut Pie
    Jam Buns
    Jammy Buns (1) ...Jammy Buns (2)
    Jam Doughnuts
    Jam Roly Poly
    Key lime pie or try No-bake key lime pie
    Krispie marshmallow bars
    Lavender biscuits
    Lemon and Cranberry Muffins
    Lemon and Lime Cheesecake
    Lemon cakes
    Lemon Curd Cake
    Lemon Drizzle Cake
    Lemon Flan
    Lemon Madiera Cake (easy and cheap)
    Magic Lemon Pudding
    Malt Bread
    Malt Loaf
    Mango Cake
    Mars Bar Cake (Nigella Lawson's website)
    Marshmallow Crunch Bars
    Marshmallow Squares
    Marmalade Cake Includes external link
    Mascarpone and Lime Torte
    Mascarpone Ice-cream
    Melt in the mouth (GF and DF) Chocolate cake
    Microwave sponge puddings(Spotted Dick) Microwave sponge puddings
    Millies Cookies
    Milk Jelly
    Mince Squares
    Miini Krispie Christmas Puddings
    Muffins: Basic Recipe / Chocolate Orange Muffins (1) / Chocolate Orange Muffins (2) / Fool proof Muffins / Gingerbread Muffins / Kiwi Muffins / Sticky Date Muffins / Strawberry Muffins (1) / Strawberry Muffins (2) Toffee Apple Muffins / Muffins for Breakfast / Cherry and Coconut Muffins
    No fat sponge
    Nut, Apricot & Choc Chip Biscuits
    Oatmeal Biscuits (Be-ro Website)
    Oaty Cookies
    Oaty Pancakes
    Oaty Shortbread Biscuits
    Orange and Poppy Seed Cake
    Pancakes - Jamie's
    Paradise Buns
    Peach Cobbler (Slow Cooker recipe)
    Peanut Butter Cookies .... Peanut Butter Cookies (without flour)
    Peanut Butter Fudge
    Peanut Butter Tray Bake
    Peppermint Creams
    Petits Pots au Citron (Little pots of lemon)
    Pineapple (or Peach) Pud
    Pineapple, Fried
    Pineapple Sponge Cake (using tinned pineapple)
    Plum Cobbler
    Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream
    Rhubarb and Orange Jelly
    Rice Pudding ....Rice Pudding in the Slow Cooker
    Rock Buns
    Scones - Scones ... Scones
    Buttermilk Scones
    Cheese Scones
    Scotch pancakes
    Shortbread - Orange & Darjeeling (or Lemon & Earl Grey)
    Snickers and Mars Bar Cookies
    Spiced Apple Bars
    Spiced Christmas Cookies
    Spiced Christmas Muffins
    Spiced Marmalade Cake
    Squidgy Lemon Curd Cake
    St Peter's Mud Pie (no cooking required)
    Sticky gingerbread
    Sticky toffee apple crumble
    Strawberry Muffins
    Syrup Cake
    Syrup sponge puddings (individual baked puddings)
    Toffee Apple Tart
    Tiffin (1) Tiffin (2) (see also Chocolate Stuff)
    Treacle Toffee
    Twink's Hobnobs
    Waffle Berry Pie
    Weetabix Brownies / Weetabix Brownies
    Weetabix Cake
    Weetabix Fruit Loaf
    Welsh Cakes
    Xmas Pudding Loaf
    Xmas Pudding Scones
    Yoghurt: Homemade yoghurt; Slow Cooker Yoghurt; Flask Yogurt; Yogurt
    Yoghurt Cake (the easy way)
  • Soups
    12 speed/trumpy soup (SW)
    Bacon and Carrot Soup
    Broccoli and Cheese Soup
    Brocolli and Stilton Soup
    Carrot Soup - Carrot and Lentil Soup
    Spiced Carrot & Lentil soup
    Carrot Lentil and Ginger Soup
    Carrot, leek and butterbean soup
    Carrot, parsnip and lentil soup
    Celery Soup
    Celery Soup (2)
    Cheats Minestrone
    Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup...Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup
    Chunky Vegetable Chowder
    Chunky Veg Chilli
    Courgette & Tomato Soup
    Cream of Tomato Soup
    Curried Parsnip Soup
    Easy Italian Soup
    Gammon and lentil soup
    Ham and Lentil Soup
    Honeyed Carrot Soup
    Hot and Sour Lentil Soup
    Iced cucumber soup
    Leek and Lentil Soup ... Leek and Lentil Soup
    Leek & Potato - Leek and Potato Soup
    Leek & Potato Slow-cooker Soup
    Moniker’s Leek and Potato Soup
    Leek and sweet potato soup
    Lentil - Golden Lentil Soup
    Lentil Veggie Broth
    Mexican Bean soup
    Minestrone - Minestrone Soup
    Warming Veggie Minestrone
    Moroccan Chickpea and Broad Bean Soup
    Mushroom Soup
    Nasturtium and Lettuce Soup
    Onion Soup
    Oxtail Stew + Oxtail Soup
    Parsnip & Apple Soup
    Pea Soup
    Pea & Ham Soup
    Pumpkin Soup
    Quick carrot soup
    Red Lentil Soup
    Real Tomato Soup
    Red pepper, carrot & lentil soup
    Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup
    Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
    Slow Cooker French Onion Soup
    Spicy Carrot and Tomato Soup
    Spicy Lentil Soup
    Spinach Soup
    Spinach and Avocado Soup
    Split Pea and Courgette Soup
    Sweet Pepper and Tomato Soup
    Sweet Potato and B.utternut Squash
    Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup
    Sweet Potato - Speedy sweet potato soup with coconut ext. link
    Tomato Soup ... Also see this thread
    Vegetable Soup .... Vegetable Soup
    Vegetable Soup (quick and easy)
    Watercress Soup
    5 Minute Bread
    Bagels / Bagels 2
    Baguettes ...HM Baguettes
    Banana Bread
    Banana Bread
    Banana Bread
    Banana Bread (made with apple sauce)
    Banana Bread - Gluten free
    Banana Bread - Gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free
    Bara Brith (Welsh Tea Bread)Bara brith teabread
    Basic Bread
    Basic White Bread (using Dough Hook)
    Basic white bread recipe (makes a 2lb loaf)
    Bread - Mrs McC's recipe for Remoska
    Breadsticks MrsM's / angelnikki's (No Salt Recipe)
    Cheese and Herb Bread
    Cheese, Onion and Herb Bread
    Cheese and Parsnip Loaf
    Cheese & Potato Bread
    Cheesy Bread Rolls
    Cheesy dough balls
    Chewy Soft Flour Tortilla
    Chilli Corn bread
    Chocolate Bread
    Courgette Flatbread
    Flour fajita wraps
    Focaccia (gluten free)
    Fruit Bread
    Fruity Tea Bread
    Garlic Dough Balls
    Hamburger/Hot dog buns
    Herby Cheese Bread ... JJ's Herby Cheese Bread
    Herb Quick bread
    HM Bread
    Irish Soda Bread
    Malt Breads - Malt Bread
    Malt Loaf
    Malt Loaf (2)
    Naan Bread .. see also .. Curry Queen's ...... Mrs McCawber's ...... OrkneyStar's
    No Knead Bread
    Oatmeal bread
    Overnight Brioche Buns
    Pitta Bread
    Pizza - Basic Pizza Dough
    Quick Herby bread
    Sage Bread buns
    Soda Bread
    Soft bread rolls / Soft bread rolls 2
    Soft white baps (ext link)
    Super Seedy Bread
    White Bread with plain flour
    Bread Recipes for Bread Machines (ext link)
    Wraps - gluten-free / Gluten-free wraps 2
    Butternut squash pastry - external link
    The best mince pie pastry ever
    Pastry economics
    Making pastry
    Basic pastry
    Flaky Pastry (BBC Food)
    Gluten free pastry for mince pies
    Pour on pie crust
  • Dips, Sauces, Jams & Chutneys and Drinks
    Alioli / Traditional allioli
    Apple - No cook Apple Chutney / Apple & Date No Cook Chutney
    Banana Jam
    BBQ Sauce / HM Barbecue Sauce
    Bean Pickle
    Beetroot and Apple Chutney
    Berry Liqueur
    Blackcurrant Cordial
    Blackcurrant Vinegar
    Broad Bean Dip
    Brown Sauce
    Chilli Jam /. Chilli Jam / Sticky Chilli Jam
    Chinese (Char Sui) marinade
    Clementine Sauce (for meat)
    Compost Heap Jelly (using fruit peelings)
    Elderberry cordial
    Feisty Rhubarb Relish
    Hoisin Sauce
    Jams & Preserves
    Jam making
    Lavender Jelly
    LC's Green Breakfast Smoothie
    Lemon Squash
    Marrow and Apple Chutney
    Miser's Marmalade
    Oils - Flavoured - external link
    Onion - Caramelised Onion chutney
    Onion Marmalade
    Piccalilli - Diva's pick a lilly
    Pickled ginger
    Pineapple Salsa
    Plum Chutney
    Riata - Mint, yoghurt and Cucumber Dip
    Red Tomato Chutney
    Rose Jelly
    Spiced Apple Chutney
    Strawberry Jam ... Strawberry Jam
    Tomato/Chili Salsa
    Tomato Chutney
    Tomato, red onion and chilli relish
    Mango Chutney
    Wine.. Wine
    Xmas Chutney
    and last but by no means least: How NOT to make marmalade
    Mrs_T_M's extremely helpful post - dried bean yields, fajita seasoning, gluten free 'cream of' soup mix, garlic/onion salt, mild chilli powder, homemade brown sugar, homemade baking powder and more!
    Making milk from nuts/seeds
    Candied Citrus Peel
    What to do if you come across a YS coconut
    What to do with a YS coconut Part 2 (Coconut and Banana Ice cream)
    What to do with a YS coconut Part 3 (Can't Go Wrong Coconut Confections)
    Za'atar Spice Blend (external link)
    Miscellaneous Non-Food
    Home-made Antibacterial and Degreasing sprays
    Home Made Dog Biscuits
    Home Made Dog Biscuits (2) / Dog Gravy Bones
    Mothership's 2nd Purse system - check out these posts
    My other purse
    tip 1
    2nd Purse
    Bogofs etc
    more info
    kerri's Second Purse spreadsheet
    Second Purse Challenge 2012 thread
    Useful OS Threads
    Ј7 per week, menu ideas
    The OS Starter Pack
    The Complete Vegetarian Collection
    The Complete Cooking Collection
    and loads more in the Old Style Indexed Collection
    Black Saturn's Evening Meal Planner
    Batch cooking ideas
    Cheapest recipes? links to various OS threads, thanks Pink!
    Cheryl's Spreadsheet (downloadable)
    Complete Menu Plans Collection
    Cooking for the Freezer
    Frozen food safety - misconceptions
    Grocery Challenge Top Tips
    Laundry Washing Gel/ Gloop, Fab conditioner, vinegar.....
    Meal building blocks for the freezer
    Microwave Recipes
    Mr Badexamples Cooking Index
    Standard Abbreviations used in OS
    Store Cupboard Lists/Ideas threads
    External links
    10 Great Tips for starting out with meal planning
    Baking Mad (includes loads of bread maker recipes)
    Bakingqueen74 (loads of good recipes, including slow cooker)
    Batch Bake Minced Beef Recipe
    Canned Food UK
    Cheap Family Recipes (our own Weezl's excellent site) and the Christmas Menu here
    Crockpot365 - includes some gluten-free and some dairy-free recipes
    Easy and Cheap Biscuits (DowntoEarth forum)
    *From Scratch - - downloadable pdf of cheap recipes
    *Good and Cheap - Eat well on $4 a day -downloadable pdf of cheap recipes
    *for the 2 above links see this thread for info and pictures to drool over!

    Gluten-free goodness
    How to feed your whole family a healthy, balanced diet... (Webook)
    Hungry Sparrow blog - Smoked salmon, broccoli and chive quiche + other recipes
    Jamie Oliver Recipes
    List of conversions
    Love Food Hate Waste website
    Love Potatoes- includes weekly meal planner
    Making butter by whipping cream
    Show Jamie How To Cook On A Budget Champagne Contest
    Homemade Play Dough
  • Annual 2015
    Bobarella Ј2400
    DanielleNic87 Ј1500
    fab_and_frugal Ј4000
    kerfuffle $3900
    NewShadow Ј1500
    redmel1621 Ј5200
    russetred Ј3300
    SilverBird Ј2500
    Suffolk Lass Ј3600
    tenstonetwowilldo Ј5000
    Bobarella Ј200
    candygirl Ј150
    cat4772 Ј325
    cheerfulness4 Ј123
    closemead Ј200
    davidsdesire US$350
    Elasticmoney Ј375
    haras_nosirrah Ј150
    Islandmaid Ј250
    joedenise Ј250
    just the two of us Ј200
    kezlou Ј250
    lynnejk Ј90
    m1nk1e Ј250
    miss try to save Ј400
    mrsninja Ј180
    mulchingoverwinter Ј225
    NewB Ј450
    Ninno820 Ј150
    Penny-Pincher!! Ј180
    plymouthscubagirl Ј180
    scotmumof3 Ј357
    skintmum2012 Ј300
    Solstice_3 Ј240
    Soworried Ј200
    twiggy86 Ј200
    wannalot Ј170
    WantToBeSE Ј250
    zafiro1984 Ј186
  • Good luck for March folks, the year is flying past us!!!!
  • Ooo, thank you for setting up the thread.
    I'm just declaring myself complete on February and then will be starting March as it is payday for me today. I am toying with the idea of reducing my figure but my OH and I are off for a week in March so there may be a couple of "nicer" purchases made that week. I'll mull it over.
    Even if I do leave it the same, I'll be transferring what I don't spend to savings come the end of the month so its no big deal either way.
    I've managed to put away Ј130 to savings in Jan and Feb...that's baby's cot paid for
  • I'm done with the Feb challenge today and I've posted my update on the Feb thread.
    I made it, spending Ј191.74/200, so I'm lowering March's budget to Ј180 and lets see what I can do with that. My challenge will run from 20th Feb to 20th March.
  • Hi all - may I join in? My March runs from today until 23rd March and I want to set my budget at Ј150.
  • I'm in again - my month will run from the 1st to the 31st.
    As I usually shop on a Tuesday it will be a 5 shop month so am upping the budget to Ј375 but hope to come in below Ј300 if at all possible.
    This is for 3 adults and includes all food,toiletries and cleaning products but excludes alcohol which comes from a different budget.
  • Can I join the March challenge for Ј75 per week or Ј325 per month?
    we are in the process of moving house and although I have calculated the maximum we ever spend, I need to really knuckle down and bring this area of spending under control.
  • Can I join please.
    Hubby has been made redundant so have to do everything we can to reign in the pennies
    thinking Ј150 for March including two adults, a toddler and two cats.
  • After falling off the old school wagon I'm jumping back on. Please can you put me down for Ј200 My job finishes at the end of March and I'm desperately trying to pay as much of my overdraft off as possible. This is for two adults, five kids and a cat
  • Thank you zippy for the new thread
    My month doesn't start until the 1st but I will be trying for Ј357 please.
  • I need to go to February and catch up on the thread and declare. So behind at the moment very busy!
    Please put me down for Ј240 I have meat for the month so I am hoping I can do this, but not 100% sure as I have spent nearly Ј30 today on not much Tiredness is not helping! I have however done a menu for the month so there is hope
    Edit: Spending update
    20/02 NSD (1)
    21/02 Ј21.56 other spends are easter eggs so out of a different budget.