26 Feb 2015

A question about : Mackenzie Hall


I received a tacky piece of cardboard through the psot today with a ver unprofessional message on the back which read:

Dear Mr ...... ......

Please call me on [text removed by MSE Forum Team]

Im in until around 7.30 most evenings.


Now, whoever sent this has spelt my name wrong to start with. In addition to this the return address on the front of the postcard is:


Has anyone else received anything like this?

I did a brief search of the address on Google and it came up as a company called Mackenzie Hall, however, i have not received any letters from anyone informing me that i have outstanding debts and this doesn't mention anything about who it is who wants to speak to me or what it is about.

Best answers:

  • Hi Iceman,
    I received a letter from Mackenzie Hall to my parents address (I'm fairly sure it's debt related). However, although I know I should call them, I don't want to simply because any self-respecting debt collectors should have checked the electoral roll and got my correct address (it's all over my credit file!).
    I have to say I think the "mysterious card" thing is a bit intelligence insulting!
  • I don't mind paying outstanding debts if i have them, however, what i don't appreciate is getting unnoficial postick notes through the door with no details of which company is trying to contact me, what the matter is regarding, how much i owe and who i owe. I have no knowledge of any outstanding debts against me.
    I'm not sure what to do really. I don't want to phone them and confirm all of my details when i actually haven't really got any idea who it is i'm talking to. Secondly if i do confirm all of my details with them and find out that the supposed outstanding debt doesn't belong to me then i don't want them trying to pin it on me because im the only person whose details they've got.
  • MacKenzie Hall ARE a debt agency. My OH received the same type of card about 6 months ago, they are sneaky as they don't declare who they are. When you ring, there is usually a recorded message stating who they are and the fact that you owe money.
    They are not overly pleasant people, however don't try and hide from them, may as well ring them and get it sorted. My OH told them he could basically give them about Ј10 a month, they were a bit nasty but ultimately had to accept it - you can't get blood out of a stone!
  • I had an incline early this morning as to what it could possibly be about and so i phoned the company who i used to have an account with and found out that i owed them Ј50 from about a year ago. They basically hadn't updated their records when i provided them with my new address. It's all sorted now though. Paid the outstanding amount and asked for them to send me a statement confirming everything is up to date. I'll give MH a ring on Monday morning and tell them where to stick their post stick notes.
  • I've just learnt one of Mackenzie Halls' little scams. The postcard they send with the extension number to contact them on isn't an extension number at all. It's a reference number which they'll enter into their systems and then get you to confirm all of your details before they tell you that they have some mail to forward on to you from an old address. At no point do they mention who they are or what it is they want to contact you about. I presume the next step is when i get a threatening letter through the door.
    They'll also deny point blank that they're Mackenzie Hall and i very much doubt they've got 'two brown envelopes' to send me because i phoned back 15 minutes later and spoke to the same person who said they had a 'white envelope' they needed to send to me. You have to have a good memory to be a good liar and it appears as though they don't. For a company who specialise in lying they don't appear to be very good at it.
    It's just as well i'm not as stupid as they think i am and i've already got them sussed out and settled the account they wish to talk to me about.
  • It will be a debt, and they want you to call them.
    I have had these saying to call Jim, Sam ect ect.
    What you must do (if you like) ask them for the Original signed credit agreement.
    Normally they send these out to see if people pay, most do.
    Ask them the history of the debt and you want proof!!
  • After doing a bit of digging i had an idea as to what they might be wanting to contact me about. I had an old account with a store which i thought had been settled so i gave them a call yesterday and they advised me that there was an amount of Ј50 outstanding on the account. This was from about 6 months ago and so i settled the account straight away. They've now advised me that my account is up to date and i don't owe them anything. I've asked for a statement to be sent to me detailing this as i know i'm going to have fun and games with MH trying to convince them i don't owe anything.
    If they want to start playing then i will just ask them to send me a copy of the signed credit agreement which they'll have difficulty doing because i never signed anything. It was a verbal contract made over the telephone and although they were supposed to send me the terms and conditions to sign, they never did.
  • More details are:
    Telephone 08707 591322
    Risk Management Alternatives (RMA)
    NCO Europe Limited trading as RMA
    Registered Office: Old Docks House, 90 Watery Lane, Preston PR2 1AU. Registered in England & Wales No 3122581.
    Part of the NCO Group of Companies
    But maybe several companies are using this PO Box Number
  • Got one of these today, envelope has this return address - PO BOX 8743, BELLSHILL, ML4 3WU
    The details on the letter inside are :
    JB Debt Recovery
    176 Bath Street
    G2 4HG
    Part of JB (Ventures) Ltd Registered in Scotland 163682
    Consumer Credit Licence No. 596203
  • i have just recieved 3 letters through the post for 3 different people, with my address
    they are all from PO box 8743, bellshill, ML4 3WU
    which ive just discovered from reading all your posts that they are debt collectors
    these people have never lived at this address as this a brand new build flat
    How on earth did they think that 3 different people live at this address????
    ive just put on the envelopes 'not known here and return to sender'
  • We've had two or three letters every month from them since we moved in 21 months ago. I've sent them all back marked "not known at this address" and my partner has rung them and explained that the person they're addressed to hasn't lived here (if she ever did at all) for at least five years (previous occupants also don't recognise the name), but still they turn up every month.
    Is there someone we can complain to and get them to stop as this is surely verging on harrasment now?
  • Do what I do:
    Get all the recent junk mail you have stuff it all in an envelope with the unoppened letter and a note explaining the person no longer lives at the address and every letter sent to you will be returned with your junk mail (but no stamp!)
    I used to return them with "not at address..." etc but it never worked. I find that I get alot less now!!!
  • Yeah check your credit file - my husband had one claiming an outstanding comet debt. Absolutely nothing on his file ever from Comet let alone a default. They just pull names out of a hat I think!!!
  • have received a letter today in my name and the above mentioned return address is on the back of the envelop. The letter inside claims that i have an outstanding debt for Ј200 odd.
    I have no outstanding debts to my knowledge and there is no mention on my credit reports of any debts, i rang the number and was asked to leave my number and would get a call back. I hung up without doing this and went online to look up the address. Could not get any information relating to the letter so sent an email from a friends account asking for information as to whom this debt is from. Which after reading the above, i wish i hadn't.
    After looking at the letter again i noticed a few things that seem not right.
    Dispite using my title before my name - the letter reads Dear sir/madam.
    The 'named client' is called The Zinc Group and those collecting for them are Zinc Collections.
    There is a phone number for each with only the last number being different 03301000850/3.
    The address is exactly the same except Zinc collections is Complete Credit Consultancy Ltd. 6th Floor, 93 Hope Street and The Zinc Group is Central Chambers, 93 Hope Street.
    Also as i have been typing this the email i sent requesting further info has failed to deliver to the email address on their website.
    Anyone else had anything from these?
  • My mum has just received a couple of letters from this company, but with some random persons name on (she's lived in the same house for over 30 years and know all the neighbours and there is no one with that name in the street). So either someone has put her address details in on purpose - hoping to get out of paying a debt or they are plucking names out of thin air and randomly choosing addresses!!! Best advice has already been given tbh...'return to sender' them (if there is no one there of that name). Eventually they will give up.
  • These guys are parasites, fact. They 'bought' an alleged debt without first determining if in fact you were liable for it in the first place. And in doing so they have now paid it for you (if in fact there ever was a debt).
    This is MY preferred method, and it works just fine, cover the envelope window and write the following: