22 Mar 2015

A question about : Lowells

Posting on behalf of my brother:

My brother had a letter from Lowel last year. He replied with the prove it letter.

To date, lowel have only sent him 1 other letter stating they are waiting on the other company to provide them with details.

It's been almost a year now! is there a follow up letter he should send?

Best answers:

  • No need for him to send anything else, however,
    Has he checked his credit files with the credit reference agencies - does any alleged debt appear on there? (did he think this was actually his debt but wanted them to prove it or did he really have no knowledge of the debt.)
  • He got the Ј1 credit file thing and it doesnt appear from the original company (Its cheque a cash or something like that? I've never heard of them, Brother says they company no longer operates) but there is default from Lowell.
    He knew he owed the debt but he thought it was stature barred - He believed because he never signed anything and because it was an "old" debt that they couldnt make him pay. I dont remember the date of the default but its within the last 6 years
    **Brother has also given them MY address and informed them that he is homeless (He was at the time!) and that it was a correspondance address only. I think i need to get this changed now he has his own place (To be honest i forgot all about it until Lowell wrote just before christmas)
  • Worth checking what default date is showing from lowells.
    If its correct then at least he will know how soon it is due to drop off his file.
    If it is an incorrect date (dated much later than it should be) then once he is certain the debt is statute barred he could challenge lowells and ask them to correct the default date and therefore remove it from his credit file.
    If its his only default then worth getting it removed as soon as possible, if he has other late defaults then it may be worth just waiting for it to drop off his file and not bother getting in to negotiations with lowell.
  • Thank you
    He is going to dig paperwork out and see whether the dates are correct - he doesnt think they are (Lowell's stated a recent date)
    Lowell's is the only debt showing - I'll get him to challenge it (he was planning on ignoring it)
    Thanks again