09 Mar 2015

A question about : Kitchen fitting (B&Q)

We are having our kitchen totally redone, it's a very small kitchen (2.4m x 1.4m). Quote from B&Q was Ј1500 for the units/appliances.. we thought this sounded ok - it includes integrated washing machine, electric oven, gas hob, hob chimney, new sink, taps, worktop, 8 units, and new flooring (we are keeping our existing fridge/freezer)

BUT......... for our tiny kitchen they quoted us Ј2700!!! for fitting. Ridiculous, no? Especially considering that this charge does not include extras that we will need e.g. swapping round the position of the washing machine & cooker. It also includes a Ј77 charge for moving our freestanding fridge/freezer out of the kitchen during fitting, and moving it back into the space in the kitchen afterwards! Think I can move the fridge myself actually!!!!

Suffice to say that we are NOT getting the kitchen fitted by B&Q, although we are ordering the units & appliances from them we are getting a local handyman to do the fitting....

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  • Hi there,
    It actually sounds like a good price for your kitchen, but these places charge a fortune for fitting!!! In our last house MFI supplied and fitted our kitchen, and fitting more than doubled the cost.
    I would advise getting a quote from a local joiner, you'll find they are MUCH cheaper. And they will also do a better job. B&Q et al contract out their kitchen fitting jobs to private joiners - hence the person doing the fitting won't always do the best job. After all it's the store's reputation that their upholding, not their own. If you get a local joiner he'll do the best job he can, because his livelyhood relies on a good reputation and word of mouth.
    We too are in the process of getting a new kitchen - have ripped most of it out today and new one is delivered monday.
    Luckily my dad is a builder and he's fitting mine for me at a reduced price. To give you an idea he would normally have charged about Ј150 for a days work - say 3 days to fit the kitchen so about Ј450 - Ј500.
  • we have recently bought our kitchen from B+Q also, the cost after discounts came to around £2100 - we asked about B+q fitting but we were politely told it'd be at least the same again for fitting
    we also wanted a lot of peripheral work doing - bricking up back door, installing new electric capacity and changing cooker over to a gas hob - so that would have bumped it up even more
    luckily my dad is a joiner and the wifes dad is a Corgi registered plumber... we're getting the sparks done off my d-in law's mate at cost - though its going to take much longer as we have to do it over weekends, we didnt have the money for a fully fitted/managed solution from B+Q or anywhere else!
  • iam getting my kitchen fitted by a joiner i know from work fro Ј800,but wickes kitchen rep told me they charge between Ј2000-Ј3000 just to fit the kitchen
  • Try to find a local fitter, my hubby's fitted for all the main stores (b &q, magnets, ikea etc. ) he gets paid about 50% of what they charge you for fitting, but he has to take it as he has his own ltd. co and website but getting it advertised etc. takes time, it's illegal to leaflet drop in the car parks - even though it's really tempting !
    so basically you would be getting the same fitter for about half the price,
    he's based inside m25 / essex area if you want the website address pm me as we can'd advertise on here !
  • We had a pretty big kitchen fitted last year with lots of custom work (walls out, etc), that made the eventual bill big but as far as I recall the MFI actual cost for the fitting was 1000-1500, which seemed reasonable (and they did a cracking job)
    £2700 for just simple fitting seems a lot to me
  • Rigid Kitchen from National Kitchens: Ј4000
    Fitting by a local joiner: Ј1000
    Knowing that the local John Lewis quoted Ј20k for the same kitchen: Priceless ^^
  • B&Q have a Guaranteed Installation Service which generally means that everything moved, installed or connected is covered for 24 months on completion of the project.
    When moving or installing an appliance previously owned, that would be covered too. So if it broke down after they had finished - B&Q would replace it for a new one! You can however move it yourself but liabilty would fall upon you instead if it stopped working. Or in the case of a Washing Machine or D/Washer leaking, eveything needing replacing would be the sole responsiblity of whoever installed it as well.
    You can get fitters for cheaper but you never know who you might be getting. I have had someone disappear off the face of the earth half-way through finishing off my building work, but there are a few good ones out there. Word of mouth and personally knowing these people would be good advise.
    At the end of the day you do tend to get what you pay for and good fitters aren't cheap and cheap fitters aren't always good. Is it fair price? When Kitchens can be bought so cheap nowadays - installation will always seem too dear. It would be a good installation if it is guaranteed. Wouldn't it? Lets face it - it doesn't matter if you buy a cheap kitchen or an expensive one, if its not fitted right you won't be happy.
    A Big company like B&Q are also duty bound to install BY THE BOOK and cannot cut corners - so in the case of Bodgit & Scarper Inc. they insist upon Gas and Electrical safety (which includes getting all the relevant certificates).
    They grade the fitters now with assessment of their work done by installation site managers as well as feedback from customers. Therefore the fitters work has to be A1 all the time.
    The downside is the waiting time from agreeing a price and the amount of work to be done, to having the work completed. So only okay of your not in an immediate rush. They also have a minimum order value of aproximately 2.5K before taking on an installation. This amount would be made up with Product and installation costs. So they wouldn't do just your utility room for example.
    MFI quote for installation but they don't seem to guarantee the work? I have also noticed that their initial quote for fitting does not include the Gas and Electric work - so only includes the bare bones of the kitchen fit itself.
    I like the security that is offered by B&Q and understand why it might be a little bit more, when everything is considered. I don't take risks with my money, I have in the past and suffered the consequences as a result.
  • Sorry Cheekyjonesy but do you work for B+Q by any chance ? and sorry but I've seen and know a couple of B+Q kitchen fitters, one team are not even carpenters, and a lot of their work is very poor, I certainly wouldn't employ them. And please don't give out the rubbish that B+Q fitters are assessed properley, B+Q are like any major company only interested in the bottom line/profit.
    Any reasonable contractor/carpenter would know that all Corgi and Part P electrical installations have to be certified, do you think they would risk prison for maybe a couple of hundred quid to employ the correct tradesmen, who would provide the appropriate certificates.
    £2700 plus extras to fit a kitchen of the size mentioned in the first post is nothing short of a RIP OFF !!!
  • I'm with Tom_Jones on this, Cheekyjonesy, half your post looks like it was cut and paste from a B&Q leaflet. My info is that the fitters get about half what the customer pays for fitting. B&Q are also notorious for not delivering all of an order or getting the delivery timing correct, or delivering everything without any damage (they are not the only ones, I'm just highlighting their situation). You can, from a consumer point of view, take what I call the British Gas approach: Yes they are a big well known firm who should know what they are doing. Yes, if you try hard enough you will find someone who will eventually sort out any problems BUT you won't half pay for the privilege.
  • A professionally fitted kitchen is expensive. There’s no way of getting around that, maybe one but I’ll get to that.
    Joiners, builders, carpenters are not kitchen fitters. I consider myself a professional kitchen fitter and yes I occasionally install for B&Q. Kitchen fitters are usually multi-trade, I started as a carpenter and moved into other trades I’m now a fully approved member of the NICEIC (electrical), WRAS (plumbing) and Corgis(gas) and a few other bits and pieces. You need all of these trades and more to fit a kitchen, don’t be fooled by a carpenters quote also consider how much it will cost to connect water, gas, electrics and get the floor and walls tiled. Remember to ask for certificates on completion. Kitchen fitters also carry the full range of tools to correctly install a kitchen.
    B&Q offer an installation service and they make money from it, they wouldn’t do it otherwise. But what your buying is piece of mind, whether you get it is another thing,:confused: but if something goes wrong you can hold them to account and they will eventually put things right. If you have a complaint you can go into the store and voice your concerns, they’re not going to change their telephone number because you keep ringing either. I’ve heard far more horror stories from customers who have had a friend of friend or the local builder install their kitchen than problems with kitchens fitted by the likes of B&Q. Kitchens cost a lot of money, I’d consider them a luxury item, for the cost of a kitchen you could change the car or go on holiday. Don’t cut corners, if you want to save money get the job done right first time by a professional kitchen fitter!
    The majority of kitchen fitters subcontract to the likes of B&Q, MFI, Magnets, Homebase etc. the ones you find in the Yellow pages usually work the high end kitchens and price accordingly. For the last three years I have been running a forum for kitchen fitters, I have recently set up a kitchen fitter database. It is on the web but it is in its early stages with a few bugs that need ironing out. I won’t put the address on now but when I do the public will have direct access to kitchen fitters nationally. The same fitters that install for the big sheds so you can go to them direct to avoid the large admin fees. Savings would be in the hundreds of pounds – maybe Martin might be interested?
  • Umm, funny how this thread has been resurrected form nowhere just to advertise a new forum.
    Cheekyjonsy has posted exactly that posting on at least 1 other forum I am aware off.
    As for inspect above, well. I rather fancy just to advertise his tacky site.
    I cannot disagree more.
    MFI will use almost any idiot they can. Want proof? Go into MFI and say you're a fitter and can they give work to you?. I have had them phone me me three times over the past two years offering me work fittiing their kitchens and asking me if I know anyone who would fit for them? qualification not nesseceray. Thats true! To be fair they do have qualified tradesmen as well.
    I lost doing a kitchen for a freind as MFI offerred to "Do everything" nessecary when fitting the kitchen for no additional cost above the quoted fitting. Yeah right. The "additional electrics" that were needed were subbied out to a local electrical company, and the cost of moving the gas cooker and boiler were also subbied out. The final cost? £2800 MORE then I wanted to fit the kitchen and the cost of getting the local corgi guy and the local Sparky I use. That was more than the whole ruddy kitchen!
    MOST carpenters like myself will be only too happy to show you pictures of our work and give references if required. How else do I make my living and keep my reputation. I haven't advertised for 4 years now. No need to. I fit several kitchens each year and have noever really had any query over my work
    Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I hate it when someone basically slags off tradesmen with many years experience just for their own personal gain.
    Ask canknucklehead on here how many times he has sen the work of MFI/B&Q?Wickes fitters and been horrifed. I'm taking a pure guess, many times.
    Each to their own trade where possible.
    Furthermore, yes you can become Part P and corgi registered, But it costs 1 hell of a lot of money to do as an individual, and even if you get Part P, as a non sparky you then have to get the work checked and or approved. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I'm highly suspicious of Inpsects motives and qualifcations.
  • Ha, what an outburst from woody.
    My friend, I have absolutely nothing to hide. I didn’t realise that the thread was over a year old until you pointed it out ; I came across it purely by chance via a Google search earlier this evening. But don’t you think the thread is still as relevant as ever?
    I know nothing about you woody apart form the two posts from you this evening. Firstly I have no reason to assume that you are nothing but a top class tradesman and that your abilities as a carpenter are second to none. I’m deeply sorry if my posts offended you in any way; it is never my intention to offend anyone at anytime and I apologise if my posts have offended anyone else.
    My reference to other trades quoting for kitchen installations was purely to highlight the fact that you would have to obtain quotes from additional trades to compare to a fully installed kitchen.
    I appreciate that it makes good reading for others but is there any real need to be so derogatory towards me? Troll? Tacky website? Ulterior motives? And you doubt my qualifications?
    You may find it hard to believe but yes I am that qualified. It took along time, a lot of money and a lot of hard work. If you don’t believe me look up inspect on the Corgi, NIECIEC and Water Board Approved websites. If you want further proof I’ll email you my pass certificates.
    If I wanted to promote my kitchen fitter website I would have put the link on my post. As for the tacky inspect website, well, that’s just two holding pages, the website is under construction. Didn’t you read that? It’s in big letters across the front. I put the link in my profile, this is allowed isn’t it?
    My motives? Well I am working on a website that will be beneficial for the public, fitters and if it’s a success myself. But I haven’t pushed it, just mentioned it. In fact you’ve made more of it than me.:confused:
    You mentioned MFI? I didn’t. I was responding to a B&Q thread. There are hardly any good fitters working for MFI now. The good ones left a long time ago, that’s why they’re desperate to recruit, when did you say they were in touch?
    You fit several kitchens a year? Well I fit several kitchens a month and have been doing so for fifteen years. Who would you think is more qualified on the subject? I think we are equally qualified.
    Why each to your own trade? A kitchen installation requires multiple trades to complete, surely it would be more efficient for a multi trade person to install? And as a fully qualified electrician (not just part P) I have to advise you that you are not allowed to employ other electricians to test your work. When work is carried out in a kitchen it must be carried out by an approved part P person that self certifies their work.
    The reason that B&Q has grade one installers is because that is the nature of the business. Supply and demand – If the customer demands it, they will supply it. That was the reason for my post, to make people aware.
    I hope I have cleared the air and we can be friends. We are on the same side.
    Sorry for the long post but I felt I had no choice.
  • I can honestly say that the kitchens and bathrooms at B&Q are much better than the competitors. The price for fitting is normally a bit more than what you would get from a builder but B&Q guarantee all work done. they have recently changed fitting companies, who are now the one of the best fitting services around. The problems with delivery are normally due to the suppliers not being able to keep up with demand and this is being looked at. I also think sometimes the right staff are not put on the showrooms dept and I would seek someone with experience working on the dept. The FREE design service is really good and very popular. B&Q are not number one in the UK and Europe for no reason. hope this helps. please feel free to ask any questions on B&Q kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Is it "spam-month" and I've not noticed? We (regular posters on here) don't go around link-whoring, (although it would no doubt improve my Google rating, but then I get on the first page anyway with some words) and reserve a certain amount of cynicism for people who have made very few posts but appear to be pushing one point of view or product. Talking of which.....
  • spam spam spam, the fit prices are always well ott and the quality of the kitchens is a best fair. now i do declare an interest as i work in a kitchen specialist studio, but one has to ask why they charge so much to fit their own kitchens, gently encouraging you to do it independently so they can then abdicate responsibility and blame it on 'your' fitter.
    last time we did direct price comparisons they were not far of mfpies prices within 10%, and this is comparing a flat pack adequate product with a custom bespoke made rigid glue and dowelled kitchen of infinitely superior quality. can i suggest you go and see local kitchen specialist studios and you might be pleasantly surprised with the pricings, as well as most generally offer a full supply and fit service.
  • Oz, you make a good point. We have an independent kitchen studio near to us. They import really really nice kitchens from Germany. I was chatting to the owner a few months back at a seminar, and was surprised at just how well his prices compared to top end MFI ones - with far better quality. His fitting cost, whilst dearer than mine, were certainly reasonable and to be fair of very high standard.
  • having worked for bnq as a consultant, i do know that the price they quoted may seem heavy, but may i point out a couple of things... you would not only get one of the best fitting teams in the company doing the work, you would also have peace of mind in the knowledge that their work is guaranteed by a major retailer B&Q.
    Having talked to some customers in the process of my job i do know that the last thing you would want is some cowboy who does not care about you or your kitchen once they have your money.
    And just a last thought, bnq 's quotes ARE actually competitive with other high street retailers, and remember...all gas and electrical work MUST be carried out to relevent standards in force at present.
    So to this end, i do hope your local handyman is up to the job, coz as a fitter myself now, FITTING A KITCHEN IS AN ART WHICH NEEDS FORWARD THINKING, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, NEEDS TOTAL COMMUNICATION WITH THE CUSTOMER. Good luck!