22 Mar 2015

A question about : if i check my credit file is it shown that i have

Hi this is for my brother if he registers with say experian to check his credit filke will it show up that he has.

He had money troubles a few years back and thinks he has paid them all off (as no letters through post for a couple of years now) and has paid everything on time since, but he doesnt want to check his file if it flags up that he has checked it and something long forgotten comes up.

Any help


Best answers:

  • Your brother is correct in saying that it shows as a search, but from my Experian report there is the following note attached to a search I carried out.
    "This information was provided to us by you when you applied for your Experian credit report online."
    Your own searches against your credit record are seen by creditors, but are not taken into account when applying for credit.
  • If he has moved house since making his last payment to anyone, contacting Experian may result in his details being passed to creditors. I suspect Experian get a fee for doing this. At which point, any DCA thinking he still owes will as if by magic get in contact at his new address.
  • Do Noddle and Equifax do this as well? :O
    HBS x