26 Feb 2015

A question about : Ice-skating gloves

Hubby and I are going to commence ice-skating lessons shortly but we have been advised to take gloves with us. Are there are gloves you would recommend, based on experience, which are more suitable for ice-skating for beginners?

BTW is there anything else we should get for these lessons?

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  • Hi, I'm a fellow ice skater so somewhat qualified to answer. The gloves are purely to keep your hands warm, so a cheapo pair are fine. You might want to look at some thinner ones purely because you may need to make a grab for the barrier and the thicker ones won't grip very well! I talk from bitter experience here!
    In terms of other equipment, I also use wrist guards and snow boarding padded shorts. I've been skating for a while though so have progressed to moves that mean I can spend time landing on my backside, the ice hurts!
    Good luck with your lessons, its seriously addictive.
  • Depends on whether you're doing figure skating or speed skating though. I use hockey skates and skate pretty much in a half-squat with my weight forward all the time, but with figure skating you need to be more upright and sometimes have straight legs for your lines
    HBS x
  • Is it obvious to others that you are wearing padded shorts because I have a feeling I am going to need them? Where can I get the more discreet type of padded shorts - if there is such a thing?
  • Yeah, you can get more discreet padded shorts, can't remember the make but mine are bullet and I'm sure they do some with smaller padding. To be honest though,no one will notice, or care. The only comments I've had are of the 'I wish I had some if those' variety. I chose mine because of the increased protection at the tailbone.
    If you do fall, and you will I'm afraid, just go with it, don't try to fight it and try to land on your outer thigh if possible!
    You can always wear a long jumper to cover them. Another thing I learnt fairly early on is to make sure you don't wear trousers that have a flare at the bottom;your skates will get caught in them and there is pretty much no way to save yourself from face planting the ice. I wear tight leggings or leg warmers.
    And yep, it's figure skating I do so long lean lines are required otherwise its knees and ankles bent all the time to increase stability.
  • I used to skate as a child, just had regular gloves, and echo the advise (from a pro) about the trousers. Also leggings with leg Warner's are good and thicker trousers like jeans can get damp / wet when you fall on the ice and then take some time to dry. Enjoy, you'll have a blast x
  • Can someone please provide me with a link to where I can purchase these items online for both my husband and I because I don't want to purchase them in a shop.
  • I used to use ordinary Black woolen gloves. I recommend something washable, as your hands may sweat. It's not so much for the cold, but when you fall is easy to cut yourself on rough ice. The gloves offer some protection.
  • Any gloves you have hanging around at home will be fine. There may well be 'special' ice skating gloves but I've never used them or seen anyone else using them.
  • Where can I get the padded shorts?
  • Can't answer your question but just wanted to post because I have just come back from my first lesson. Had a fab time! Few wobbles but didn't fall over!
    Good luck with your lessons.