26 Feb 2015

A question about : Halifax PPI redress Payments

Please can people post on this thread when they receive their funds and denote whether it is a cheque or direct into a bank account.

Also, please note the date that Halifax received your signed acceptance letter.

Thank you.

PS. Please do not discuss that you haven't received anything yet or anything else, this thread is purely to see what date they are upto with their redress.

Best answers:

  • Wow, that many
  • I posted my acceptance back to Britannia (part of halifax banking group)on 19/08 and my CC account has been credited on 07/09.
    i have phoned them today as don't want refund onto my card account...apparantly they credit your CC account and then raise a cheque from that account to pay you back, but haven't done that so far.
    My halifax CC acceptance was sent back 01/09 and phone call today said funds where on the way to my account had been raised on Friday, not in my account of course as yet. So will have to wait for the cheque to be raised for that one also.
    I requested both be credited to my current account, so why ask you if they have to credit CC account then raise a cheque?
    Will keep you posted
  • No breakdown of costs to be paid, but my Britannia payment is Ј750 in total, online today the cheque is showing.
    But it is worrying that they credit your credit card account which reduces balance then, increase it when they draw the cheque from it some 5 days later.
    Will keep you updated
  • So far:
    Offer of refund letter: 30th August (arrived 1st September)
    Acceptance received: 12th September (posted 2nd September )
    Friendly girl in their customer relations department: "account is now with reclamations (I think that's what she said) department, and hopefully the offer letter will be weeks not months, but they have got a lot to work through."
  • Just phoned halifax to check whether they had received my acceptance letter which they have, in the 3/9/11 they have not started doing the calculations for my claim yet, apparently they are really busy and they cant tell me when it will be. I am not holding my breath for payment before xmas!
  • Does anyone know of the non 0845 number equivalent for the halifax ppi number: 08456014034, we keep trying but we are put on hold for over 20 mins and still can't get through. We can't keep being on hold to that sort of number as it's so expensive (tried saynoto0870 no luck).
    We sent in our letter at the beginning of Sept and just want to know if they received it!
  • Hi,
    This was the acceptance letter, that they sent us on the 31st. It would be nice to know that they have received it, knowing what the post is like. Just don't want to pay much more having to be on hold
  • I sent my acceptance back and it was received on the 26th August.
    I am now calling everyday and just being told, nope no change yet.
    They told me originally that they were aiming to sort it by the 13th.
    On the 9th, I was told hopefully 2 weeks (23rd September) or worse case scenario 30th September.
    But we'll see.
    I would imagine the maths involved in mine will be a royal PITA.
  • Hi- I had my letter today asking me to accept their offer