26 Feb 2015

A question about : Free gourmet society card for 2 months


Click through the link on here (not just edinburg) pick the free one so no card details are entered. If you go for the Ј1 you enter payment details.

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  • Please google for complains and complications first! I cannot post the links I have found.
    It looks that it's better to steer clear of this. I'm going lengths to cancel the 'FREE' trial already.
    Best of luck either way.
  • Wish I'd looked them up before I succumbed to 3 months for a Ј1 trial. I failed to cancel and have been debited another year's subscription and they won't refund.
  • does anyone know if this is the same company that the Telegraph use for their subscribers!
  • i have been using a free trial with them for months without problems, just make sure its the one where you don't enter any card details like the one the OP has linked to, don't choose the Ј1 trial as they then have your details which causes problems
  • Beware!!!!!!
    Gourmet Society has an horrendous cancellation procedure.
    First you have to cancel 15 days before membership or free trial ends.
    Then they give you a 15 digit cancellation code.
    Then you have to mail your card and cancellation code to their office in Stockport.
    And they advise you register it because if the card does not reach them (and what's to stop them saying it hasn't?) they will still charge you.
    Seems odd you can take a card out online but you can't cancel it online. I wonder why they are making it so difficult to cancel.
    Here are the details in full taken from the small print on their site
    Cancelling your membership: In order to cancel your membership you must return all property of SL, including but not limited to any membership cards that are valid for a term that has not yet been paid for. Before cancelling your membership you must telephone us on 0845 257 4477 to obtain a cancellation code, but at least 15 days before your membership term ends. Our property will only be deemed to have been returned to us when we receive it our offices at 63 Lower Hillgate, Stockport, SK1 3AW (for your own peace of mind and avoidance of doubt we strongly advice using a signed for delivery method, such as Royal Mail Special Delivery).
  • Hullo!
    I have been totally CONNED by Gourmet card.I am not an OAP I am a very savvy 34yr old!
    I went for a 3month membership for Ј1. It elapses at the end of August but after checking my bank they took a Ј40 fee from me on the 22nd.
    I was unaware of this having an auto renewal. I have done similar deal before to try a magazine subscription out so very aware of this sort of thing. My cancellation for that went through ok- just had to call them. Another time I opted to keep the magazine subscription going after the offer period as I liked it. guess Im trying to say I think of myself as fairly savvy but these gourmet people are something else.
    After waiting 30mins to speak to someone (at 10am- they must get so many complaints!) I was told that there would have been something on the original form. I did not see this so I can only assume that it was in small writing.
    I was also told that I'd have received an email regarding this auto-renewal giving me an opportunity to cancel- which I did not.
    I explained that a bill/ auto renewal notice should be sent in writing- this was lost on the guy I spoke to.
    I asked to cancel then using my 14 day cooling off period- I was told that that applied from the start of the offer- 3 months ago!
    I am now waiting to speak to a manager- who may call me back in the next 3 days!!
    I have checked the welcome letter that came with the card- all it says is that it expires on the 31/8/14 which matches the 3 month membership period I thought I was signing up for.
    I have also scoured my junk email. I found one from the 19th explaining that it would auto -renew and that I could cancel.
    So it went into my junk & even if I was someone who checked my junk daily (I am not) it was only really giving me a 4 days to sort this out and from what I see on other posts you need more than 4 days to sort out a cancellation.
    Chap on phone very unhelpful- just re-gurgetated stock answers to me.
    Used card only once over 3 m. Their restrictions made clear in the booklet and because of those & lack of choice not for me.
    It should have been as simple as that and ended there but now I am pretty angry. They're very shady - it's common sense that not everyone reads the tiny print- or they may skim over it all but not really take it in as theres usually so much there. They also must know that people don't check their junk emails & if they do its not regularly.
    There was nothing in my welcome pack/ letter which I still have- to say that after the expiry date that a year membership would automatically ensue.
    Finally their cancellation method which I've read about here is like jumping through hoops.
    my card expires at the end of the month so it's not like I can continue to use it anyway.
    Be VERY WARY! Maybe try it if you really want to but only in a fashion that does not involve giving any card details at all.
    You can get deals through top table or with places directly so I think this is better.