09 Mar 2015

A question about : Food recommendations from Marks and Spencer please

Hi I have a Ј100 gift voucher from transferring my bank account to M&S. There is nothing clothes wise that I want so thought I would use the card for food.
I have some food vouchers Ј5 off Ј25 so thought that this would help my money go a bit further.

I have only ever bought potatoes and ready oven chicken from M&S before- both of which compared well, price wise, to Tesco & Sainsburys.

What else is worth buying at M&S that is value for money..?



Best answers:

  • Try and use it on the Ј10 dine in deal which is good value. Apart from that I only ever get the yellow label reductions in M&S so can't help further.
  • I can definitely recommend the 3 for Ј10 on meat. If you pick carefully you can get plenty of meals out of the selection: my favourites are the whole chickens and the gammon joints.
  • Remember the Ј10 meal deals including wine....brilliant, but I love m and S food especially at the end of the day! I am lucky mine is a 5 min walk away so fill my freezer with bargains
  • Thanks for your suggestions.
    I popped in today and bought
    2 lots of 3 for Ј10 meat and
    a chicken for Ј5.
    I put my Ј5 off a Ј25 spend through the check out and paid Ј20 with my gift card.
    I had a quick look at the meal deals but decided against it as I have 2 teenage boys both over 6' 2" - the portion sizes weren't big enough!
    I loved the look of the Maris Piper potatoes but I had a long walk to the car and didn't fancy carrying them all that way.
    I was surprised that some of the prices were similar to Tesco/Sainsbury's - 3 for Ј10 meats for example.
    I think I should visit earlier next time as a lot of the meat had already been bought (big gaps in the chiller) - I got there about 11am.
    Mmm, what to buy next!
    thanks for the help
  • I love M&S food, especially when it's yellow labelled! I go first thing on a Saturday and usually get lots of bargains. The 3 for tenner meats are better than Tesco's IMO x
  • We love the Lightly Dusted and Seeded Haddock (and Cod) from the chilled section. A bit pricey but it's quite often on 3 for Ј10 which cushions the blow a bit!
  • We love M&S moussaka and lasagna, it's the best we've tasted. When the Ј10 meal deals are on I always buy a couple of these and pop one in the freezer.
    They also do some good value wines that your voucher can be spent on.
  • I also have vouchers for tf bank. Used some on lingerie - needed bras. Will wait for Dine in for 2 as their whole chickens on it usually good value. Will probably do 3 for 10 on meat as well. Bought ready meals in the past and I was not impressed. Let us know if you find anything worthy of spending on.
  • I really like the chicken linguine (3 for Ј7 in the Italian section). Garlicky and creamy with loads of good quality chicken and Parmesan.
  • M&S Cruncher Cheddar cheese is lovely. It is on offer quite often, so is better value to buy then. HTH
  • we like their jams, which come in some more 'exotic' flavours than whats on offer at the normal supermarkets. Currently working our way through a passion fruit and lime curd, which is gorgeous and not horrifically expensive at Ј2ish a jar.
  • I bought Turkey mince yesterday - 600gms pack - as part of the 3 for Ј10 promo.
    I made burgers with it. The burgers were ok, tender very little water but not much taste.
    I'm not sure that I would buy it again.
    There was also Lamb mince and Pork mince.
    We have quite enjoyed the Beef mince 10% fat. I usually buy my minced beef from Morrisons- 5% fat but have found recently that it gives off a lot of water when fried. M&S mince had much less water.